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  1. Thank you very much for your comments and help, i will look to see the nut for the oil leak and regards to how much oil theres quite a bit on the road, regards to the handbreak i think the back break pads have gone so with all the things wrong with it i think i just may scrap it. Thanks again
  2. and no i did not hang the money lol
  3. monkey hanger :D
  4. Adam - it's deffo the heat shield adam i slid under the car and it's moving its rusted were the screws pin it and also the screws are coming away as well and they are full of rust and priced the stalk which i was planning on buying quite cheap as well all rubbers are still on the exhaust which looks like it's suppose to wiggle a little just havent noticed before :) lenny - i don't think the timing belt has been done. theres nothing wrong with the timing belt :) Thank use for the replys :)
  5. I am indeed lol Nd thanks everyone for your warm welcome's :)
  6. Hello i'm new here just thought should let use know that before i write some problems and so on. Ok - we bought our nearly 2 years it's a good little car until recently so far it's 130,000 miles on the clock. just had to change break bads as its went to metal to metal (grinding) and also the disc as that had cracked in few places. heater blower - heating system works fine no 1,2, sometimes 3 works but no 4 will not blow anything out could this just be the resistor? horrible metal claning noise - recently we keep hearing a clanging noise it's hard to explain it always happens when we start going i'm thinking somethign connected to the exhaust a friend told me it could be the heat shiled coming away. is it safe to take that off? TBH i have already took the heat shiled off the front of the engine is i did think it was that at first but it's still there. indicators - indicators work but do not click off automatic - if i buy new indicators would this solve the problem. slight oil leak - last year on M.O.T advisory that we had an oil leak handbreak - Handbreak became slack thinking it may have stretched but this is resolved as i have tighten it. Power steering - the power steering is on and off all the time anyone know what could be the problem here - We've never had to top up power steering fluid either Exhaust - yesturday i noticed the exhaust mving slightly when touch it but that cud be just a rubber thing. My question is my car in due for M.O,T next march do use guys think i should just fix the car (Which i don't mind) or sell it or scrap it? Thanks, Sean
  7. Sean here 23 from t-side, i'm introducing myself :) Own a Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 1999, petrol manual car :)