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  1. Many thanks all. Its seems that its not that uncommon and my local ford garage has heard of this. They say its a fault with the radio which can sometimes be repaired although they don't repair them themselves. I removed the radio and will eventually put a replacement in. Many thanks Memnon
  2. Help. I've a 04 plate 1.6 diesel CMax with a standard radio CD player . Last week the radio turned itself on in the night at full blast , much the delight of my neighbours! Result was flat battery. This has happened a couple of times so I'm about to remove the radio altogether as a ford garage say it's not uncommon and is normally a fault with the radio which they don't repair. Does anyone know if the radio can be repaired and has anyone had this problem as well?
  3. Has this problem returned or was it just down to a bad connection? I've a 04 C Max and the radio has started to turn its self on in the night resulting in a flat battery each morning and annoyed neighbours.