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  1. Happy Birthday wonk!

  2. Fuel Economy

    I have just exchanged my mk4 2.0 tdci Mondeo estate for a 2008 2.0 tdci auto S max and the difference in fuel consumption is quite alarming , the mondeo turned in 43-46 urban and up to 47 on a run. the S max does 36- 38 urban, 40 on a run. I have now started using the sport setting on the car and surprise surprise I am getting 43 -44 around town mainly. I am changing gear far sooner than the auto box and this is keeping the revs down, I find that as long as I can remember which gear I am in, the system works fine, and reminds me of my manual Mondeo which I loved.
  3. S Max Conversion

    Is it possible to obtain and retro fit a sliding loadspace floor in my 2008 S max as this would enable me to load my wifes mobility scooter. This would make me very happy as at moment I dismantle every time and reassemble whenever we go out.
  4. Is it possible to obtain and retro fit asliding loadspace floor into my 2008 S Max as then I could get my wifes scooterin the back