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  1. Order delivery time

    Hi I have not found the USB port in the dashboard, although it does have a picture of it in the owners manual. I would ask the dealer again!! On a positive note, the car is superb and well worht waiting for! :D
  2. Order delivery time

    Hi Thanks for the info. I have today recivd confirmation that my shiny new black X sport has bn delivrd to the dealership today ( 6 wks from order date ). i will be collecting it tomorrow. Enjoy your car when it arrives. Thanks Nathan :D
  3. Order delivery time

    Hi Can anbody tell me how long it usualy takes between ordering and collecting. I hav ordered a standard titanium X sport and can't undersntand why it has taken 6 weeks and I still don't have a delivery date. Thanks Nathan
  4. Delivery time

    Hi, I have just ordered a new Titanium X sport (without accessories apart from metallic paint) and wandered how long it usualy takes for delivery. I have told that I have to wait 10 weeks which seams incredible bearing in mind that car sales are down. Thanks
  5. Titanium X Sport Diesel

    Hi, Sorry I can't help. I have just ordered the X sport and wandered how long you have had to wait for your's to be delivered?