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  1. hi im mitch ive just popped over from ukfiestanetwork were organising a meet at meadowhall sheffield. basically the meet is for all fiestas new old fast or slow i just wondered if any one on here would be interested in so if anyone on here is interested would you just say you would like to come so we can get a rough idea of numbers of cars thank you for you time mitch
  2. ive got one for sale:P
  3. 1500 for a good respray
  4. lil more power as thead state doesent that mean hes referring to bhp though?
  5. lol ok then i have already given advice to people on this forum who having problems with there car and i was referring to people who put threads up saying which is best induction kit to buy to make my car go faster or i put a universal back box on and it 20bhp to my car i understand if people put them on for styling to looks . wait till i put some pictures of my car before assuming i dont like modding cars my car has pretty much fully body kit on it alloys lowered exhaust system sound system and morettes
  6. cause there basically sheep who follow crowd and the word chav is welsh which means sheep there chavs cause they now nothing about cars and reckon adding a induction kit and a universal exhaust adds 20bhp
  7. welll loosing about 4 miles to gallon is still alot with current fuel prices
  8. ye should fit
  9. right i have consulted haynes manual and it may not be idle valve it could be spark plugs knackered air filter clogged tbh best letting a garage look at it?
  10. go for 15s with 40mm drop also 17 will really effect your performance and put a big strain on the gear box 16s are a rip offffff
  11. will help just type your car details in and it will tell you by sounds of it the car is state blue
  12. blakey your an idot by using the resistor chip you get the worst mpg and also it confuses ecu which in turn can cause your engine to fail mate just get a remap it will give u better mpg and more power
  13. it maybe a ecu fault probably burning oil lol
  14. well is your dials on your fiesta digital or anlogue?
  15. idle valve maybe your problem common with fiestas