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  1. Replacing Mk5 Fiesta Car Stereo

    aaah damn. was really hoping i could get that one in too... i wouldnt mind modifying the dash in fairness, but i wouldnt know where to start haha.
  2. I recently purchased a MK5 Ford Fiesta (my first car), and it came with the stock stereo installed, which only has a tape player. (The layout is the same as this here, with an identical picture of the one I have being removed here) I dont want this stereo and am looking for an alternative, to me, that looks like a native double din stereo (but I wouldn't know), so Ive assumed that This car stereo will fit it, will I have any issues? compatibility with existing components? will there be any items I need to make it fully functioning and/or fit correctly? any input with be helpful thanks! [for additional info, this is the backpane of the kenwood here]