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  1. Rear Fogs Stuck On

    More likely to be the relay if the switch has been disconnected
  2. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Cuts Out After Starting

    Try removing fuse F16 3A or disconnect the battery for 30 mins while changing the pipe. Removing F16 or disconnecting the battery will reset the PCM.
  3. Try replacing the fuse F16, as it controls all wash and wipe functions. It should be 15A rated, although some models show 20A for that fuse location.
  4. Flasher Unit

    Check the flasher units earth point is good and clean. You will find it under the carpet at the base of the A pillar, drivers side. (hinged part of the door frame). There should be 2 earth points around this area and its the one towards the front of the car.
  5. Left Indicator Staying Lit.

    The left and right indicator relays are internal components of the fuse box, as is the flasher control circuitry. I think you need a replacement fuse box.
  6. It would have helped if you had said the warning chime wasn't working either
  7. The relay you are looking for isn't in the fusebox, its located on the Heater Control Module (as shown in the diagram) and its possible that the HCM may be the problem as this has the control circuit on it as well as the relay. I have attached the diagnostic procedure (Pinpoint Test AM) which gives a step by step guide to fault finding. o The rear fog lamp is inoperative Possible Source(s):§ Fuse§ Circuit(s)§ Heater control module§ Rear lamp assembly Action(s) to take:§ Go to «Pinpoint Test AM»Rear Fog.pdf
  8. Is that relay marked on the GEM as R10 or can you find the relay info in the handbook.? I had a fuse and relay chart but can't find it at the moment. Its unlikely that both GEM's have the same issue.
  9. Siemens Central Locking Box Under Dash

    The Siemens RCL box is for Focus's up to 2001.
  10. That's bad luck. Did you replace the relay or use the same one ?
  11. Looks like the same fuse for all interior lighting. Does the Door Open warning lamp on the dashboard come on when the boot is open ?
  12. Until your post I always thought the noise came from within the GEM as it does have a warning buzzer/speaker integrated within it. It would appear, but cannot tell for sure from the wiring diagrams that the speaker in the stalk is just for the indicator sound. The diagnostic routine only tests the Light's on buzzer/chime within the GEM, but the sound your missing and the indicators flashing is confirmation that the diagnostic routine has been activated. Its likely to be the stalk speaker as its an electro-mechanical part, but also possible to be the GEM or wiring to the speaker.
  13. You are right, it comes from a speaker which is located within the indicator stalk assembly DIS.pdf