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  1. secret hole

    Be careful when prying off the plastic cover, as it is meant not to open again once closed. One of the 2 metal tabs securing the plastic that protrudes bent after opening and cut off. Now I must customize a magnet or similar push open - push close device.
  2. Tips for MP3 CD's

    You are right! Ford site states that certain NOKIA phones may navigate on Ford based Mobile Navigation. However no information is given, how to get it, install it etc. Anybody dealt with it?????
  3. MP3 CD Problems (MK7)

    I' am experiencing the same problem albeit at a lesser degree. I have not come to a solid conclusion on what's causing it. In your case I suggest not to rip directly at the CD, but to your HD first and then write MP3s to CD with a trusted burner ie Nero and the like. Do not use Windows "send to CD" function