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  1. Thanks for your advice. I'm going to order a heater and see how I get on
  2. will it not be easier to install a whole new heater resister then, isetta? I don't care about the extra expense involved if it means my car won't catch fire
  3. Okay, will hunt one down. Thanks.
  4. Hi, The air con / heater / cooler fan on my 2013 plate Fiesta only works on number 4 all of a sudden. No other numbers work. Anyone else had this experience? Anyone found any helpful solutions? Thanks a lot, Will
  5. Hi, The key of my Mark V 02 Fiesta has turned iffy. It will only open the driver's door at a certain angle and on certain days - so not ideal, really. Anyone had similar issues? Any suitable solutions? Will
  6. Awesome - this works so well. With the AC on, the screen clears in about 10 seconds. Without the AC, it's more like 10 minutes, so thanks for the tip :)
  7. Was actually thinking about myself half freezing to death, not the AC system's willingness to operate, but I suppose it don't matter if using the AC means I can see where I'm driving
  8. Thanks, Jake - will try redirecting those side vents. As for the air con - hmmmm, not sure when it's -XC. But at the start of the journey when the car only produces cold air anyway, there might be nothing to lose...
  9. Thanks - may give that a go
  10. I had a similar problem - my mark 5 heater would only produce hot air for the first three weeks after I bought it (funny how the owner forgot to mention that one). I just let the problem run its course - I put the hot air on as often as possible and the problem eventually rectified itself. The system now works fine, so you could bear that in mind if your own plays up again...
  11. I can't help directly but I would point out that my mark 5 Fiesta has a slightly unreliable speedometer, too, in that its readings tend to be too high. This has been proved by speed differences recorded by roadside speedometers and the Fiesta's own. So beware, mark 5 Fiesta owners! I suppose it would be worse if readings were too low, but still, faulty readings of any sort are not at all ideal...
  12. The windows of my 02-plate Fiesta Freestyle have been seriously misting up, even though it hasn't been raining. Even with the blower on number 4, the windscreen takes a good 10 minutes to clear, while the side windows won't clear at all. Anyone having a similar experience? If so, which solutions actually work? Leaving the windows down when it's 4C is not a tempting option... P.S. I realize this topic has recently been raised, but solutions might only apply to newer Fiestas (mark 5s seem to produce mist of a uniquely stubborn variety)
  13. Thanks, both - useful info. Jake, I know the other three are dead dull next to the Fiesta! I mainly use mine round town, rarely scaling any hills or using the air con. But I do admit to racing away after being stuck behind a grandma for ages... But I think the tyre pressure might be an issue, or there might even be a fuel tank leak, come to think of it - will get it checked out :)
  14. Hi all, Two months ago, after owning a license for eight years, I purchased my first car: an 02-plate 1.25 Fiesta Freestyle. It's been sure worth the wait: the car oozes character, corners like a go-kart, and accelerates from 0 to 30 like a scalded cat. Compared to the diesel Pug 207 I've been insured on, it's like a rally car - unbelievable! Plus, with only 68,000 miles on the clock and barely a scratch in sight, this Fiesta was bargainous. My only issue so far, though, is thirstiness. Around town, £10's worth of fuel gets me just 30 miles or so. Does this correlate with others' experiences? (Motorway driving, by the way, is much more efficient, even cruising at 80mph). I've just joined this group and look forward to hearing people's thoughts! Thanks, Will
  15. It looks in very good condition for the age! Good on ya!