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  1. Mk7 Fiesta Number Plate Issue

    I actually used your guide haha but I only used it after I had bent the retaining clip with a screwdriver.. I now know for future! Thanks for uploading the pics
  2. Mk7 Fiesta Number Plate Issue

    Yeah I did that first but I forgot to mention that on here. All good though, hopefully a new LED on the way soon!
  3. Mk7 Fiesta Number Plate Issue

    Mods can close this topic as its been resolved. Basically I swapped the other bulbs back in place and re-started the engine.. And hey presto... Everything working again. Must be a defective LED. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Mk7 Fiesta Number Plate Issue

    I did manage to get the bulbs changed but in the process of doing so I seem to have blown a fuse. So basically I now have the following:- Rear (lights on bulb) left hand side not working Number plate bulbs - both not working Front sidelight - left hand side not working From the fuse diagram, it's not clear.. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Alright folks, Today I tried to change the number plate bulbs to LED's but struggled to get the holder out. It now seems as though I have damaged the retaining clip, as the holder no longer stays in place and is quite loose. Any one else had this problem? Or is it likely that they will just need replaced? Cheers