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  1. Focus C-Max, Central Locking

    I have a Type 2 key but using moderate force does not separate the key from the transmitter. Do I need to press down hard with the screwdriver in gap or press back or rotate the screw driver?
  2. Focus C-Max, Central Locking

    I will buy a battery and try that. The next obvious question for newbies is how do I open the 'key' to change the battery?
  3. Focus C-Max, Central Locking

    The electronic key has 3 buttons, Lock, unlock and Boot. What should the Boot button do? Until this week, the Unlock button unlocked the doors and the boot. This week, it only unlocks doors. The boot key unlocked the boot when pressed twice. It now takes a number of presses of the Boot button to unlock the boot. I am concerned that it seems to be deteriorating. Is this likely to be the battery in the electronic key? If so what is the battery make/model? Thanks Brendan