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  1. A few little mods for 2017

    Point Blur_Mar242017_205103.jpg


  2. As with James. I disagree.
  3. Had it wrapped in matte black to blend in with the door/window plastics.
  4. at ford fair 2016. Full style kit and ST rear diffuser with TRC front and side splitters.
  5. Is this your taste? Team Dynamics Monza R.
  6. Bought it off fordpartsuk. there is guide here somewhere and quite a few people have done it.
  7. It is bigger compared to the standard one.
  8. I would recommend start with the bigger rear spoiler. They run about £100 on ebay and they are easy to install. Marmite lover as well.
  9. Like marmite.
  10. Was on the stand behind you guys.
  11. So this happened today. Did not manage to get a stand pass but went there on a public ticket and took pictures for you guys to enjoy.
  12. Parts: just browse for all the body parts you need. Headlights i suggest you use a wrap for as eyelids as they are cheaper. Dont really recommend splitting headlights, use fly eye wrap instead.. Heard a lot of stories of their headlights fogging up coz of moisture. In the end, its your car, do whatever you like..
  13. From ebay: FordpartsUK: you need both, they clip together. and Best to jack up the car (dont forget to use axle stands. SAFETY FIRST) so you can see what you are doing. So use the drill to remove the rivets, then pull the diffuser off(there are like clips but they come off easy). The diffuser (all the black plastic encircled) will come off and the ST diffuser will clip in there.. Then rivet it back in. Oh you need to have the diffuser painted or wrapped first..
  14. I am keeping the standard grills. Tried to Wrapped them but they are so f@£(ing hard so Got them Wrapped for like £20.. Also if u noticed Wrapped the chrome by the windows. And if u fancy eyebrows, have them Wrapped as well. See my old pic.
  15. Can someone message Nathan, his the pics in his guide for the ST diffuser is now gone. @BeebZetec it's pretty straight forward. Need a drill to remove both the rivet on both corners, about two on each side. Then pull back the zs diffuser, start from one side. That would leave the side spats. Then just install the ST diffuser. They just clip into place then rivet the ends where you removed the rivets earlier. The issue is the two "attachments" (don't know what to call them, see pic - the white bits) on the middle of the diffuser. On my zetec there is nowhere for them to bolt on. So I just cut them off. No problems so far. Also had the diffuser Wrapped, its cheaper.