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  1. Apologies on the late reply bud, i will look to do it myself.
  2. I need to think about replacing all the bushes and possibly the suspension on my MK1 soon. Are these parts still available from ford or am i better off shopping around. Any recommendations on suppliers etc. All help appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Cheers Bud, ill have a look.
  4. Hi all, My reverse light bulbs stay on permanently as soon as i put in rear holder. MK1 TD Estate.
  5. Will do cheers.
  6. Ok bud cheers, EGR valve haven't the foggiest if i even have one, but ill check, cheers again.
  7. Hi folks, My 1996 1.8td mondeo estate feels like it is down on power, struggling especially up hill, now she is a big old beast and getting on now, but still is there any common things to check/replace that may be causing this, it might be just me, i usually nip round in a 2.3 16v, so obviously quite a difference, and its an estate, which i am not used to, any ideas? Cheers.
  8. Eccleston got me watching it and Tennant kept me watching, until the current one took over, then i stopped watching may give the 50th a go though, but my hopes are not high for the new one.
  9. Front arm bushes, it may also do it if you stop suddenly.
  10. And given that reply i'm going to be an ignorant xxxx now as well, if you've forgotten to turn your lights on TOUGH,
  11. Whatever the reasoning, you should always be aware of what's going on around you at all times!
  12. Oh yes that's the preference of course, but this is resto mode, when you just have to hit those hard to reach areas... ;) You never can tell hence the flash hood, she will never catch me out...
  13. Here's a tip for when you go down and dirty on the old girl. Or if you decide to get really freaky Hamper's your technique a bit, but sometimes needs must.
  14. I always wear a rubber..................glove.