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  1. 1.0 125 Ecoboost mpg

    We picked up our second 1.0 125 Ecoboost Titanium yesterday. My Focus was getting old and needed replacing and as we had been happy with the Fiesta, we thought we would get another one. We picked the car up from Motorpoint in Peterborough and drove back to Norfolk, me in the new Fiesta and her in her original one. I drove very steadily within the speed limits, not wanting to lose the missus behind me. With her normal short trip, town driving, she doesn't get more than 39/40 mpg but I got 57 mpg on the way home from Peterborough which I was very impressed with. Admittedly, that was relying on the cars fuel computer and they are not always accurate but I'll do a proper brim to brim manual calculation later. What have other 1.0 125 owners managed........ best and worst?
  2. Thanks guys, I'll give the insurance companies a ring to check. Re- the multicar policy....we have had this in the past but it means both renewals and associated financial burden occur at the same time, Also...its not always cheaper than separate policies.
  3. It's with a lot of sadness that I've decided to get rid of my trusty Focus that I've owned for 10 years. My wife has a 13 plate Fiesta 1.0 125 ecoboost titanium which is quite nice. I don't really need a Focus sized car now so I've put a deposit down on a 65 plate Fiesta 1.0 125 ecoboost. As my mileage is about 5 times more than my wife, I'm planning to let her have the new Fiesta and I will have hers and rack up some mileage on it. We are both named drivers on each others insurance policies but I suspect the insurance companies would prefer that the main driver is the one that is driving that car most of the time. This will mean that I will have to register the new Fiesta in her name and transfer ownership of her Fiesta to me. Am I right in thinking this?
  4. Gearing may not be the same.
  5. Tesco diesel

    Quoting what you get from a tankful is notoriously inaccurate. To accurately measure your fuel consumption you have to fill your tank to the brim, reset the trip and when you fill up next time, brim the tank again, note the mileage, note exactly how much fuel went in and do the maths. Saying you get 400/500/600 miles per tank just isn't a scientific way of measuring mpg.
  6. Tesco diesel

    Sorry but an extra 200 miles on a 65 litre tankfull represents a 23% increase in economy. That's wildly optimistic.
  7. Tesco diesel

    I've used Tesco diesel in mine 99% of the time for the past 10 years and have covered 155k miles without any problem. Any suggestion that it will "mess up your car" is utter tosh.
  8. Warming the car before you get there...

    Kenlowe used to make electric preheaters which preheated the coolant which meant that you got instant warm air heating when started.
  9. 55 plate 2.0 with 155k, owned from 6 months old (Ford Direct purchase). Its been very reliable. Still on original clutch and exhaust. Second battery. Eats front tyres though Had throttle body replaced under warranty. Alternator failed just outside warranty but Ford paid 50% as goodwill. It doesn't always start first time these days but when its started, it doesn't miss a beat. Aircon still works....been regassed 2 or 3 times. All the electrical stuff still works...central locking etc. Had to replace boot release switch. Had all 4 droplinks replaced recently but suspension arms and bushes, springs and shocks are original. Feels a bit soggy on the front these days. I love the car. Its like an old friend. The average speed indication is always about 35-36mph when I reset it on fuel fill ups. This means that since I bought it, I've spent about 4,400 hours behind the wheel which works out to 184 solid days driving it. I'll be sorry when I have to change it.
  10. No Revs at Start up for about 2-3 mins

    I've had those symptoms before many years ago (same engine) when the car was under warranty. Ford changed the injectors which didn't help then discovered that the throttle body had a tendancy to stick closed. Coincidentally..... that's one of the things you disconnected. Its the bit you marked yellow on the left of the picture. I would concentrate your investigation in that area.
  11. Diesel turbo gone.. advice please?

    But "all that", if you read it, included dropping the sump and replacing the oil pick-up so why are your garage charging you and extra £100 for dropping the sump and replacing the oil pickup?
  12. Yeah, they had a rather gutless 2.3 Peugeot unit before being replaced with a more powerful 1.8 Ford endura (non-turbo) unit.
  13. I've been having starting problems with my 2.0 TDCi for a while now and have not been able to pin it down. The problem is intermittent which doesn't help. The battery and alternator have been checked out and they are fine. It happens if I stop for fuel after a 70 mile run i.e. when engine is very hot so its not the glowplugs. I reckoned it must be fuel system related and this afternoon I noticed that there were air bubbles in the clear section of fuel line coming out of the fuel filter. It seems to get worse when moving the fuel connector on the filter. Please see dodgy youtube clip. I've seen a photo of the filter housing with the pipe removed and its just plain plastic section so I'm assuming that the seals are in the flexible pipe connector and that the whole pipe will have to be replaced? Can anyone confirm my diagnosis and possibly supply the FINIS code for the pipe? Thanks.
  14. Ford Focus 1.4 Zetec S 2001

    Correct oil is 5w-30 grade. Incorrect oil very unlikely to give that smoke.
  15. Ford Focus 1.4 Zetec S 2001

    Plug order in second photo looks ok to me. I would start with new plugs leads and coil pack.