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  1. That's not too bad. I use Millers 5w-20 for our two ecoboost Fiestas and I paid £96 for 20 litres. Where do you you get the Castrol 5w-20 for £25 ?
  2. All this talk of 5w-30 v 5w-40 but in fact the Ecoboost engine uses 5w-20 oil. The trend for thinner oils comes from the fact that an engine running on thinner oil is more economical and less polluting. As for cold starting, it doesn't make a difference if the oil is 5w-20, 5w-30, or 5w40 because its the number before the w which represents the cold start viscosity and that is the same for those three oils. The number after the w ( 20/30/40) is the viscosity when hot.
  3. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Luckily I've got a tin of that in my shed (bought from Halfords about 15 years ago). I had already decided to use this to do my pipes. Its handy that it doesn't require any primer.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    That is not good at all. You have already lost some material and I'm not sure it is recoverable without replacement. Hard to say from the photo but I would think you have lost 30% of the tube thickness already. I see you are in Scotland. Do they salt the roads quite heavily where you live?
  5. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Was a primer required before you applied the VHT paint?
  6. Thumping noise from tyres

    Another thing to check is "tyre feathering". Its when the individual tread blocks on the inner or outer edge of the tyre wear on the leading edge of the block and not so much on the trailing edge. You end up with a saw tooth effect which can be very noisy and can sometimes come to light when you move your tyres from front to back. Some tyre models are more prone than others. Edit, sorry...just read your post again and seen that you said you had already checked for feathering.
  7. Ride difference of 17" vs 16" wheels?

    Both our Fiesta's have 195/50/16 but I've driven earlier Mk 7s which had 195/45/16 and I could notice the harsher ride. If the car is for the wife..... get the 16" wheels with higher profile tyres.
  8. DAB upgrade

    I assume you want DAB for the bigger range of stations and not better sound quality? I've not been impressed with DAB in my Fiesta.
  9. Brake disc shroud

    Thanks Willy.
  10. Brake disc shroud

    We have got two 125 ecoboost Fiesta Titaniums, a 13 plate and a 65 plate, pretty much identical apart from upholstery and alloy wheel design which has been updated. Today I noticed that on the newer 65 plate car, there is a brake disc shroud on the front discs, inboard of the discs. Does anyone know why Ford have introduced this? Ford tend not to like adding cost to their cars so there must have been a reason. I know that on our 13 plate car, the front discs are moderately warped, and that isn't down to my driving style. Perhaps the shroud was added to prevent cold road water from geting onto the hot discs?
  11. Not too bad although at the begining of the year I managed to bag 20 litres of Millers XF Longlife EB 5W20 fully synthetic for £96. We've got two Ecotec Fiestas and our indy garage sometimes struggles to get 5w-20 at a good price.
  12. Type of service

    The service interval is 12,500 miles so those figures should be 12.5k, 25k and 37.5k
  13. Issues with contacts on SYNC

    I don't know too much about this but when you say some of your contacts are picked up by sync but not all........ do you have some contacts stored on the sim and others in the phone itself?
  14. The data you have provided is for the Focus ecoboost....not the Fiesta ecoboost.
  15. Stop / Start Not working

    I find it alarming when it has switched itself off in traffic and then after a minute or so, it switches itself back on again to try and maintain your selected a/c temperature.