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  1. Mk2 Glowplugs (Autodata hours)

    Thanks Ian. They were replaced FOC at 30k miles when dealer was replacing injectors under warranty. The car is now on 152K miles and I have to cycle the plugs a couple of times on a cold start and its getting worse. 1.7 hrs isn't too bad as I know they are a pain to get to. I'll get it booked in at my trusted independant garage.....should come it at about £150 parts and labour.
  2. If anyone has access to Autodata, could they tell me the quoted hours for changing the glowplugs on a 55 plate 2.0 TDCi. Thanks
  3. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

    I'm wondering if your fan resistor pack has failed. Its a common problem with the Mk1 Focus and I think on some Vauxhalls, its caused the vehicle to catch fire. Try your fan on all four positions and make sure you can hear the fan speed increase for each position. It's been a long while since I had a failure on a Mk1 but I think when the resistor failed, the fan worked on positions 1 & 4 but not on 2 & 3.
  4. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    South_bound, the problem you describe is known as feathering or sawtoothing. It can be quite common depending on the tyre brand. I experienced it on my Focus with Uniroyal Rainsports fitted. They sounded horrendous and I ended up replacing them before they were worn out. Description of problem here:- By the way, I could only dream of getting 25k from a tyre :o
  5. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    Agree with Arthur. My first bearing (n/s front) failed after 90k miles. The non-Ford replacement lasted about 15k miles. The other three are still fine at 150k touch wood.
  6. Oil Advice

    Is 5w-30 the correct grade for the 1.6 ecoboost? On our Ecoboost Fiesta its 5w-20.
  7. Focus 2.0 Tdci P2263 Fault Code

    Seconded...... thanks for the helpful post.
  8. Highest Mileage On Tdci

    Thats good to know. Was it on the original clutch? Probably not but you never know.
  9. Highest Mileage On Tdci

    The 2.0 TDCi engine is esentially the HDi lump that you had but with a 16v head. It seems to be a lot better than the DV6.
  10. Highest Mileage On Tdci

    Was just wondering what the highest mileage people have on their Focus TDCi. I'm currently on 150k miles on my 55 plate 2.0 and hope to get to 200k before anything serious goes wrong. Still on my original clutch and exhaust (touch wood).
  11. Check your power steering fluid level as this will howl if level is low. I'm not sure about your model but if you can't find the reservoir, take the rh headlamp unit out and it will be under there.
  12. Focus 1.4 Cl

    Next step would be to check the wiring to the #4 injector.
  13. No Rear End Grip On Tyres In The Wet. Dangerous!

    Conti's, Goodyear, Dunlops...... don't waste your money. A set of Linglong "DitchFinders" is what you need
  14. You may be right. The £800 was an "off the top of my head" quote from my trusted indy garage that I've used for years. I've just checked and a Sachs kit for the 2.0 TDCi will cost £395. Garage charges £53/per hour and I reckon it is a 3.5 hour job. so I would probably be looking at about £600 all in.
  15. Engine Transplant Tech Question

    I assume the clutch slave cylinder is good? Might be worth checking the condition of your driveshaft gaiters while they are out.