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  1. Both our Fiesta's have 195/50/16 but I've driven earlier Mk 7s which had 195/45/16 and I could notice the harsher ride. If the car is for the wife..... get the 16" wheels with higher profile tyres.
  2. I assume you want DAB for the bigger range of stations and not better sound quality? I've not been impressed with DAB in my Fiesta.
  3. Thanks Willy.
  4. We have got two 125 ecoboost Fiesta Titaniums, a 13 plate and a 65 plate, pretty much identical apart from upholstery and alloy wheel design which has been updated. Today I noticed that on the newer 65 plate car, there is a brake disc shroud on the front discs, inboard of the discs. Does anyone know why Ford have introduced this? Ford tend not to like adding cost to their cars so there must have been a reason. I know that on our 13 plate car, the front discs are moderately warped, and that isn't down to my driving style. Perhaps the shroud was added to prevent cold road water from geting onto the hot discs?
  5. Not too bad although at the begining of the year I managed to bag 20 litres of Millers XF Longlife EB 5W20 fully synthetic for £96. We've got two Ecotec Fiestas and our indy garage sometimes struggles to get 5w-20 at a good price.
  6. The service interval is 12,500 miles so those figures should be 12.5k, 25k and 37.5k
  7. I don't know too much about this but when you say some of your contacts are picked up by sync but not all........ do you have some contacts stored on the sim and others in the phone itself?
  8. The data you have provided is for the Focus ecoboost....not the Fiesta ecoboost.
  9. I find it alarming when it has switched itself off in traffic and then after a minute or so, it switches itself back on again to try and maintain your selected a/c temperature.
  10. It was a warm day. Did you have your aircon on? If so, what temp did you set it to?
  11. Probably about £40. I do 350 miles a week commuting to work. I get 44mpg using standard 95 ocatane and 47mpg using the 99 octane Momentum.
  12. I'm using the Momentum stuff from Tesco at the moment. The extra mpg just about covers the higher cost of the fuel but I'm happy because it extends the range of a full tank, meaning that I can fill up on a sunday and have enough to get me through to the following sunday.
  13. I really don't get this anti-supermarket fuel thing. I've just sold my Focus 2.0 TDCi that I drove for 156,000 miles, almost exclusively on supermarket fuel. It didn't miss a beat and was running as sweet as a nut when I sold it.
  14. The aircon temp setting will also prevent stop/start activating if the aircon temp setting is lower than the ambient air temp. The engine will keep running to maintain the selected temperature.
  15. We picked up our second 1.0 125 Ecoboost Titanium yesterday. My Focus was getting old and needed replacing and as we had been happy with the Fiesta, we thought we would get another one. We picked the car up from Motorpoint in Peterborough and drove back to Norfolk, me in the new Fiesta and her in her original one. I drove very steadily within the speed limits, not wanting to lose the missus behind me. With her normal short trip, town driving, she doesn't get more than 39/40 mpg but I got 57 mpg on the way home from Peterborough which I was very impressed with. Admittedly, that was relying on the cars fuel computer and they are not always accurate but I'll do a proper brim to brim manual calculation later. What have other 1.0 125 owners managed........ best and worst?