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  1. My Fusion

    I scrape all the time mate it's part of the fun
  2. My Fusion

    Yeah just have to be careful over bumps at speed
  3. My Fusion

    Fk ones and I haven't got any adjusters in the back
  4. My Fusion

    Nice to see someone else has finally done it as well here's my fusion as low as it can go on coilovers and a set of banded steels
  5. New Car

    The cmax drives the best in my opinion and better to work on for most things and you get a lot for your money :)
  6. Seat Swap ?

    I swapped my front seats for some cobra bucket seats
  7. Annoying Cabin Rattle

    I get back door cards drives me insane
  8. Can I Swap A Ford Steering Wheel?

    I don't know whether the squib would support the cc on all models ..
  9. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    I struggled to get one so built a gauge pod on mine instead
  10. Leather Interior On Ebay Fusion

    No only black I believe but I have grey interior bit it looks fine mate
  11. Leather Interior On Ebay Fusion

    Corr that is cheap shame I've already got a set
  12. Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci Zetec Climate

    I would say glow plugs
  13. Hi New Here

    I would say give it a full service including fuel filter then go from there
  14. Don't buy cheap nothing but trouble I'm a mechanic and we see loads of them going wrong
  15. Ford Fusion Radio

    Buying a facia kit and cut the bits of trim across the front