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  1. Winter Tyre Load Index?

    Interesting, but what about this... The 2012 1.4 Zetec has the same kerb and gross vehicle weight as the 2012 Zetec s (within 5Kg), and sits on 195/50R15 tyres with a load rating of 82. So fitting 1.4 zetec rims and tyres to zetec s surely cannot be wrong? Davedipster
  2. Winter Tyre Load Index?

    Just bought some winter tyres, just noticed that the load index is 82 not 84 as on the std tyres. Here is an idea... Concidering that the max gross of the fiesta is 1500Kg so 1500Kg/4=375Kg I'm guessing that the 82 rated tyre at 475Kg per tyre is OK? In fact its a whole 100Kg over or 27% over. Anyone concidered this? Davedipster.
  3. Winter 14" Steel Wheels And A Mk7 Zetec S?

    Cool will get some 15" then, cheers
  4. Hi, I've just bought a 2012 zetec s, sold my scoob to get it, well pleased. Anyway to the question, the fiesta is on 17" wheels (205/40-17). I've Been looking for winter wheels and tyres and seen a package available using 14" wheels 5.5Jx14 wheel and Tyre: 175/65R14 82T tyres. Now the manual lists these for the fiesta, and my spare is this size in the boot. But is this a good combo? Thanks for the help. Dave P