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  1. Maybe..But they have the paticipating dealers at the end of the link i put above.
  2. here is a link. http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/VehicleServiceandRepair/MotorcraftFourPlus
  3. i think its Major. the minor was is quoted at £119.
  4. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I looked at the ford website and they are offering it for 189.99 as you say. I just wanted to know if people might have any good local recommendations perhaps?
  5. Hi Could some of you please help!! I have asked a garaage to quote me for the following: Service, Air con service, and to check if there is a problem with water ingress and this is the quote he came back with: the price for the service on your car is £199.99 that is for a full service which includes engine oil & filterair filter spark plugs if not platinum & engine flush.The aircon service is £49.00 & to look at your water ingress is separate which would be £96.00inc. Is this reasonable? Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in central london. I bought the car second hand and its 10 years old and looked after very well. it has about 56k of milage (1.6 Automatic ford focus) Thanks in advance.