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  1. Hello all, It turns out that my core plug(s) need replacing. Coolant is leaking into port holes where my ht leads go. I have located one core plug on the top of the engine. Does anyone know where I can find the other one. I was told there were two on my engine by the garage. I have a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6, 55 reg. Thanks
  2. I take it the kurust would just remove the rust?
  3. Thanks for the reply artscot79. Quick question. Are there two core plugs and can I replace them without taking the head off the engine?
  4. Hello folks, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I think I have two issues with my focus 2005 reg. Firstly I think the jet washers are leaking and causing water to get through to the top of the engine which results in it trickling into the spark plug ports. I'm fully aware of this issue and has fixed it by replacing the jet washers and adding silicone grease to them. However, I realised I have another issue the weekend. There is a pink coloured water in the spark plug port and it seems like it's from the radiator coolant. I know this due to the colour of the water. It's a pink colour, the same as the coolant and the level of the coolant is low. My qestion is has anyone else suffered this problem and if you did what did you do to fix it? Something is making me think it could be a leaky head gasket but I have checked the oil and still looks good. (Have been told that if was the head gasket then the oil would look white and frothy)? Cheers
  5. Hey guys. Im new to this forum and im just about to pick my car up from the garage. THe car im going to pick up is a 55 reg focus zetec. My question is that the cd player in the car has an aux input. I know i can buy a wire to connect the ipod to and play through my cd player. The question is that if i got one of these wires couls i control the ipod through the remote on the steering wheel and would the title and track show in the display of the cd player. What functionality would i have. Could i browse through playlists and songs etc. If there is a wire that can do this do you have any recommendations? Thanks for your help. Wayne