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  1. Hi again, It would appear that the reverse sounder I was checking, turned out to be the alarm horn!!! Hmmm big red face, the sounder for the reverse sensor was not working, I tried a speaker improv and it worked. Massive sense of relief, as my mrs tends to rely upon them. I ordered one for just over £8. Thanks for all your help, you did suggest the sounder this morning.
  2. Hello again, Just checked all wires looking for an earth and there doesn't appear to be one in the boot area, or underneath. I had the ignition on with the car in reverse while I checked all wires, and discovered the sensors vibrating, which would suggest power supply is reaching them. Just removed sounder and connected it to my bike battery and it worked!!! The only earth would be where the sounder is bolted to the right side bodywork. Hmmm. Gonna bolt the sounder back in and check power supply to the sounder. This is cooking me.
  3. Hi, Yes mate, all reverse lights work.
  4. Hi everyone, I've got a 2004 C-Max manual 2.0d, which I love, but I'm having problems with the reverse sensor. The trouble is, it has stopped working, my Mrs usually drives it and she told me recently that she could just about hear the reverse alarm, but of course now it has stopped completely. I have wd40'd all connections, to the sensors, control module etc. The module says Ford on it. Reading other posts, it was mentioned about fuse 84, this has been checked and is fine. Reversing lights all work, and all wiring seems to be in order. Is there a way of checking the sensors? or have I missed something obvious. Just though I'd ask, before I bite the bullet and take it to a robbing thwaite. Help please. Stadsy