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  1. Parking Sensor Removal

    Really helpful thankyou going to have a tug this evening - if no joy will do weekend and update you
  2. Parking Sensor Removal

    Do you mean squeeze it and push ? - Im assuming the sleeve and inner all come out together and the inner will not come out without removing the outer
  3. Parking Sensor Removal

    I have developed a fault on one of my rear parking sensors - diagnosed by the "click test" and have managed to obtain a replacement sensor - just a little unsure how the old ones pop out - I believe there is an outer and inner sleeve (I just have the inner) so need to remove that from my bumper and fit the new one - I was hesitant to prize from the front in case of damage to the bumper, although managed to reach to the rear and thought it would push out although put a small amount of force which didnt seem to move it Any help appreciated