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  1. Ford Owners Car Sticker

    hi all anyone where to get if they do one a ford owners car sticker cheers
  2. m o t tomorrow fingers crossed

  3. Abs Coming On

    hi no juddering now the fuse is out someone says clean sensor or replace cable
  4. Hi i have a 99 plate focus left abs front brake comes on while driving and judders to a stop removed fuse drives ok but warning light on any ideas how to fix is it just a cable or more Thanks guys top site
  5. 1999 speed sensor removel

    just renewed speed sensor on 99 focus get pin out after a few days and cuts lol started removing sensor it snapped left half in gearbox had a !Removed! and a read up on here drill needed or garage so i drilled it out this how i did it drill small pilot hole into broken half screw a large screw in something to hold on to do not drop into gearbox then with a 6mm drill bit start going round edge of sensor after a couple of holes bingo :D out she comes new one oiled and all good now speedo back
  6. Hi All

    hi just joined having brought 99 plate focus have had a few problems looked on here as a guest all sorted a big thank you :)