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  1. thanks! i look at these http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/h7-35w-ultra-canbus-hid-xenon-conversion-kits/ Kits come with two bulbs, not too sure how many bulbs my headlights have must be like 6!? so does that mean i need to buy more than one kit? em
  2. hey guys i want to put hid xenon (white) headlights on my ford fiesta 1.25 edge but im not too sure what kit to get? I have a friend that can fit them but i want to be sure im getting the right ones! cheers, em
  3. Took me long enough but they're on! Thanks for the help :)
  4. thanks so much! really helped! ordered the bits i needed from euro car parts hopefully can be put on soon! ill post a pic when its done :) - Em
  5. yeah thats what it looks like, so im going to be needing new nuts and spigot rings? cheers
  6. Hey guys im Emily and ive just got my first ford fiesta, edge 1.25. and i love it. I cant wait to just do it up, so will be on here asking a lot! Thanks a lot for the help! :)
  7. I have just got my new fiesta, and it came with stealys on! I have bought multifit ripspeed alloys off ebay, (they are right for the car and will fit) and when i took the stealys off, the hubs have screws fixed in them! I was wondering if I can just put the alloys on these screws and tighten them with nuts, or do i need to buy new hubs? Please help I really want to put these alloys on!