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  1. What Oil To Use In My 2010 Focus ? Help

    There is only one oil recommended for this engine to stop coaking up the turbo with disasterous results of turbo failure and possibly engine failure. Its the Ford recommended oil and the Castrol one. this is one of those rare cases where the manufacturer is telling you to use there oil for a good reason. using something else? it will be fine for a while until............. looking after the DPf is more a case OF the correct running rather than the oil used. You have to get the DPF hot to burn off all the hydro carbons & soot. That means long runs to get it hot. If you do short runs to the shops only then it will clogup and be an MOT failure at some time. Its the same for all diesels fitted with a DPF. That m,eans at least one long run of at least 10-15 miles a week to get the DPF hot. A good thrash of a diesel engine in a low gear for a few minutes is not a bad idea as most modern diesels run at such low revs with 5 or 6 gears and dont get the engine or DPF up to temperature. Think about covering the front grille a little in the winter like we used to do but watch the temp gauge in case you overdo it.
  2. I've found a rear load space rubber mat for the latest 2013 focus estate on fleabay. Item no. 400581656838 at £26 incl carriage from poland. Fitted perfectly with a raised lip all round to stop spillages. Its more like a soft plastic than rubber but is fine. Unfortunately they dont have one for the complete area with the rear seats foded down. There are some soft fabric covers for the whole area on fleabay at £65 - £90.
  3. I'm gonna take some pics to send to one of the fleabay rubber mat suppliers. I'll post it soon.
  4. I've been looking on fleabay at rubber rear loadspace mats for my brand new (July build) estate but it looks to me that the side trim panels in the latest model are different to the Mk3 introduced circa 2011. The sites ay 2011 -2013 but i think there was a change in 2013 to the side panels. The illustrations of the rubber mats on fleabay show a distinct wheel arch moulding into the side trim panel but my car has a flat side trim panel. Am i correct in saying they changed the side panel form on the latest estate models some time in 2013?
  5. Just bought the 1.6 TDCi estate for the misses. Her first car in her name. She's chuffed! Mainly did it to transfer one of my NCB to her in case I pass on. I'm active in a number of car forums being a retired freelance car/truck/bus designer. I did most of my owrk for Ford but also GM in Detroit, Volvo Belgium and Brazil and many Q1 suppliers to Ford. Hobbies - sailing (just stopped after 40 years (sad). getting too old. vauxhall carltons which I used to have a lot of so found a good 24v Diamond estate a while back which is a real wolf in sheeps clothing having the 200hp GSi engine. Sadly I'm not well at the mo which is why i bought the misses the Focus. Reason really to join is a question I'm about to post about a rear loadspace rubber mat you can get on ebay, but i dont think they fit my brand new estate. Interesting reading about the turbo problems on some of the 1.6 TDCi engines which i'm pretty sure is the use of the wrong oil. Only castrol and Ford have one suitable which stops build up of coke which i think is the main reason for failure. no doubt when i search on hear there will be lots of stuff on it.