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  1. The little felt/brush things inside my doors that are supposed to wipe off excess moisture/rain on the windows when you roll them down/up don't seem to be quite doing the job. It always leaves a massive (like 80% of the window) wet patch on the middle of the window and only really touches the edges... Is there any way to fix this?
  2. Cool, thanks.
  3. Ah ok. Any idea how I could go about checking connections? Is it a 'whole dash apart' job??
  4. Recently the left turn signal indicator light on the dashboard of my 2007 Ford Fiesta has been intermittently cutting out. Sometimes when I first start driving a car it works fine, but then after driving for a little while it ceases to light up when I indicate to turn left. Just to be clear it's not the actual indicator light on the external of the car, this seems to flash fine all the time. I can still hear it 'ticking' as I engage the turn signal. I'm wondering if this is a big enough fault to cause a fail on any part of my MOT? Or do they only need to check that the external indicator turn signal actually works? Also, has this happened anyone else, and if so is it easy to fix yourself?
  5. Thanks, looks like mine's a Tibbe - good job I checked, I knew there'd be more to it! :-) Ok well that's not that bad of a price I guess. Perhaps I'll try and find a dealer somewhere close to me (I'm in Cardiff). cheers mate!
  6. Ok, so (apologies for all the questions!) I buy something like this from eBay and then get it cut/coded at a local locksmiths? Would something that contain that transponder chip for my immobiliser or not?
  7. Thanks guys - I have been thinking about buying a spare, hence asking about a remote one - that way, this passive key can become my 'spare' and I can add RCL to my car. So on eBay will they sell just the 'fob' part that I have to add the 'key' part into? Or could I buy a blank key that has a fob and get that cut/coded to my car? Is the coding part something I could do myself with that method described above or would I have to take it to an authorised dealer nowadays? Also, I assume if I transferred the chip from my current key that probably wouldn't solve much as then I'd still have only one key that could start the car....??
  8. Cool thanks; I'd be happy to programme myself but does only having one key make that impossible? I assume even if I got a second key cut to the shape of my original that wouldn't help things.....?? I'll ring around tomorrow - thanks for the help so far!
  9. Thanks mate. So somewhere down the list it says 'With Door Entry Remote Control Unit', and also 'With Remote Controlled Tailgate Release' - I assume that means it does have RCL? Will any key work (within reason)? What should I be looking for? Just 'Ford Fiesta remote key' or something? Also, any ideas how much approximately for the key and the cut/code? I don't wanna be ripped off as it's not something I desperately need....
  10. I have a Mk 6 Fiesta (Zetec, Climate). As far as people have told me, it is capable of remote central locking, but just didn't come with a remote key when I bought it second hand (it was only supplied with the standard 'passive' engine/door lock/immobiliser key (with a blue 'chip' in it). If I wanted to add RCL, is it easy/cheap to do? Also, how might I check once and for all whether it actually has the ability to lock remotely? The lights flash when I lock it manually with the engine key, if that means anything. It also has a boot popper button in the dashboard, and I'm 90% sure it has an immobiliser. Anybody know?
  11. Wow, great link! Thanks! So I read thru the entire list and one part says: Less Second Remote Ignition Key but With Door Entry Remote Control Unit Is that the bit I'm looking for?? Should it have only come with one key but that key should have been a remote??
  12. Can I ask what you're basing this on? Is there a website or something similar that states that this car should have some with RCL from new? I don't mean to doubt you (I obviously hope you're right!!) but would be good to have some 'proof' that I should have had one before I go pestering the garage...!! I did only get the one passive key with the car. I have been meaning to get another one cut because knowing me it's only a matter of time before I lose one or lock it in the boot or something...!! But if it turns out I can get an RCL key then I'd definitely do that. I would happily take it up with the dealership but I don't want to go pestering them unless I know that my car is actually capable of RCL....
  13. I had a mechanic out to look at my 2007 Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate because of a battery problem. I bought it from a reputable nationwide dealership about 4 months ago. While he was fixing it, he remarked that the key I have doesn't look like an original. He said it had a 'blue' chip in it (for the immobiliser I assume) where usually they're meant to be red. He also said most of the originals are the remote type which activates the central locking.... Does anybody know whether my car is actually capable of remote central locking or is it not meant to have that feature?? I'll admit, for a car of that age, when I bought it I did assume it had remote central locking; it wasn't until I actually got the keys handed to me that I realised it wasn't.... Which is a bit annoying as there's only a key slot on the driver's side door.... Anybody know??
  14. So I bought one of these iPod cable adapter kits from Connects 2. It's one of these cables that allows you to trick your radio into thinking that your iPod is actually the CD changer, so it streams audio through the head unit whilst also supplying power to charge your iPod and also letting you send commands to skip next/previous track, shuffle and repeat, and also select playlists all from the buttons on your standard Ford radio (a 6000CD in my case). Unfortunately, after installing it I am only getting audio passed through/power supplied to my iPod. I've tried several models of iPod, iPhone etc and none of them can be controlled from the radio head unit as promised on the website. The guys at Connects 2 reckon it's because my Fiesta already has the Aux input port for connecting MP3 players etc, but I can't see how that would stop the CD changer from sending commands to the iPod.... I've seen it working fine with the head unit buttons controlling the iPod in videos of the same 6000CD head unit online, so I know that it is possible. I also know that certain models of Fiesta were released with the ability to have the Aux port added but not actually activated, so I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the Aux feature and if that would allow me to use the head unit buttons as promised. Anybody know anything about this stuff or know anybody who might??
  15. Cheers - will have a bit more of a play around tomorrow.