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  1. Cd Player Switching Randomly To Radio

    It seems pressing the TA button to disable TA-D (which it was shown as on the display) fixed this. I must have accidently pressed on TA when switching off the radio. I don't know what TA is but that was the cause of the CD player randomly switching to Radio.
  2. Cd Player Switching Randomly To Radio

    I'll have a look tomorrow morning in the menu options and report back, thanks :)
  3. Hello chaps, I have a Ford Focus Titanium 2009 with what looks like a Sony DAB Radio (managed to dig out an old photo - I only listen to CDs in the car, and while I'm driving it will at randomly switch back to Radio with no interaction from my part. There isn't any set time that it will happen, it could do it a minute from starting the car, or at other times, ten minutes. This fault started about 2 months ago and I feel it's gotten worse, it's switching to radio a lot more often now. It's giving me a distraction to my driving as the volume from radio is a lot higher and have to quickly press the CD button again. Any ideas on what it could be? Faulty wiring somewhere? Thanks :)