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  1. exhaust manifold

    thank you. :-)
  2. exhaust manifold

    would nylock nuts be suitable for fitting these? I have them here but haven`t got any plain nuts! cheers.
  3. exhaust manifold

    thanks for the reply - I can get them at a total length of 46mm or 52mm, might order both so I'm not stuck once its off!,
  4. exhaust manifold

    anybody know the length of the studs that hold the cat to the manifold please? - I know that they are M10 X 1.5 thread but not sure of the length, car is a FOCUS 1.8 TDCI 2004 115 BHP MODEL, cheers, Gordon.
  5. Happy Birthday caiblue!

  6. galaxy cruies control

    can anybody tell me how the cruise control works please? ie do you have to be doing a certain speed before you set it? i tried switching mine on & off but it does nothing & no display comes on the dash, is there any common faults that would help me? thanks, gordon.
  7. radio code needed?

    you press number 1- 7 times then number 2- 0 times, number 3 -3 times, number 4 -9 times then select or something
  8. radio code needed?

    hi, code for m321531 is-7039, cheers, gordon.
  9. hi all, looking to buy a ford galaxy after 4 years in the grand espace, i want to get back to ford! any tips recommendations etc greatly recieved . on a budget of £3000 ish + the espace so near to £4000, thanks. gordon edwards.
  10. hi, my first post in the ford forums at present owmimg a 1999 renault grand espace 2.2 rxe dt, it is now time to replace my car & i have always been a lover of fords having previously owned 10 different models, i am looking to buy a galaxy on a budget of about £3000 plus p/x on my car (was offered £500 p/x for it the other day!). any tips on which model please?- i have been looking at the 2.3 ghia about 2000 /x-y reg but am tempted by the 1.9 tdi ghia too, any common faults that i should be looking for on either model?, i also like the power offered by the 2.8 ghia but looking at the fuel returns it doesn`t look to good! any help greatly appreciated. thanks, gordon edwards.