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  1. Thanks chaps, all seems to have settled down now, but I will bleed the brakes as I have obviously pushed contaminated fluid backover riverside red Middlesbrough .
  2. Thanks for both replies, I did have the cap off for both sides, the reserviour was overflowing so I just put the cap back on. heavy braking is fine, and in line, ( not veering of to either side.) I have been quoted £35.00 for brake flush. this would be still less than the dealer changing pads in correct fashion £90.00 so if it works I am still in pocket. however pressure flushing sounds may be an option.. I would say that 85% of my diy goes right (youtube ) mending tellies, wallpapering and computer problems, but my wife has a keen eye on this one, as its her car. MMMMMM
  3. Hi, on a cost cutting excersize I youtubed pad change for a 2010 focus, followed all instructions, really worked well. but !! at low speed cornering the ABS seems to kick in. it appears that when I C clamped the piston back I should have opened the bleed valve, instead I forced it back up. Is this the cause of the problem. Would bleeding the system remedy the problem. Any advice appreciated. Mike. I need hope.