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  1. They use Hermes courier so can be Upto 5 days
  2. How about illuminated ones - www.autobeam.co.uk
  3. I've done mine, they are slightly better but as the front do most of the work there more for looks. I got the full axle for £100 do wasn't too bad. Also upgraded to braided lines while I was at it
  4. Yep full st axle, that's my old car. My new one is a 15 plate
  5. I painted the rusty bit so gave the disc a wipe just to see if the rust would come off
  6. Cheers, I had a look. Looks like I'll need to buy a set of 4, do you think the front ones would fit the fiesta 1.0 ecoboost calipers?
  7. Think it would, it was a well known good company that done it so they know what there doing, the cables ties just keeping it in place. It was drums before which has a rubber pipe but the st has a metal pipe so they had to make a bit up but I'm not happy with the look and the cable ties don't exactly help either so that's why I'm looking at braided lines
  8. The cable ties just keeping it secured to the bracket to make sure it doesn't come out
  9. Ah that's good then, that's get rid of that nasty pipe work
  10. I've just had the st rear axle put on and they've used a copper pipe to connect it which I don't like the look of, where would the ST braided lines go from? Directly from the calipers to where??? (I also painted the the bits I missed on the calipers and also the rusty bits on the disks are now black haha) thanks
  11. www.autobeam.co.uk
  12. We've tested many HID's and have found the best... 35W 6500k is what I'd recommend, these give off great light without blinding others We're also testing LED's for the fiesta, they give of good light but don't fit well into the fiesta headlights due to the size of the ballast on the back. Any questions just ask :) http://www.autobeam.co.uk/product-page/a9827d30-7515-e791-e7b4-c2a963919865
  13. Got them from ford for £39
  14. Thanks! Should be okay I think. Wasn't expecting them to be £75 though!
  15. Looking to purchase a bad take cable for the Firsta St. Ive got a zs and changing the rear axel over to the st one for the brakes but need the st handbrake cable. Ive looked online but can't find any, can anyone help???