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  2. You'd basically have to cut the DRL cable and make it safe
  3. Ah okay, hopefully I can find someone to do it then. The colour wouldn't be an issue as I've done a full SMD conversion anyways so I'll alter it.
  4. I currently don't have cruise control but does anyone know if it's possible? ive heard from some people that it's possible and some say not. Would I just need the steering wheel and it activated??y standard plate is - BV15 TCZ if that helps cheers Marc
  5. No problem, the version in your screenshot is similar but a different design and has built in indicator function. All the products we sell are high quality and we offer a 3 year warranty (the main difference is that ours are sealed with a proper machine, not by hand) unfortunately only the Matt type is available
  6. HID's are perfectly safe and much brighter than halogen. Wouldn't waste your time on cheap ones though. You can find high quality ones here -
  7. LED headlight bulbs are now at a stage where they are brighter and project further that halogen bulbs..
  8. They can look the same but the quality is totally different, the factories use the same design but different methods of making them (the cheaper ones are made by smaller factories that actually glue them by hand which is why the last a couple of month if your lucky)
  9. I've tested many sets of these , there is no manufacturer that makes the 2nd set to a high enough standard.. there is many different factories that actually make these and they are all different qualities, I wouldn't trust the cheaper ones as they'll just go faulty. I actually sell these, more expensive than elsewhere but they are high quality and I offer 3 years warranty. Use ABWEB10 for 10% off -
  10. They use Hermes courier so can be Upto 5 days
  11. How about illuminated ones -
  12. I've done mine, they are slightly better but as the front do most of the work there more for looks. I got the full axle for £100 do wasn't too bad. Also upgraded to braided lines while I was at it
  13. Yep full st axle, that's my old car. My new one is a 15 plate
  14. I painted the rusty bit so gave the disc a wipe just to see if the rust would come off
  15. Cheers, I had a look. Looks like I'll need to buy a set of 4, do you think the front ones would fit the fiesta 1.0 ecoboost calipers?