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  1. @suzyking3 don't mention squirrel !! 👅

  2. Only 4 days left!!! 8 whole days of relaxing! #wastingmylifeatthemoment!

  3. Rear Tyre Points Inwards At The Top

    Thankyou for your help!! I will get my car checked out, as I said, I had an accident in january where somebody smashed into the side of my car and my back bumper came clean off and the wheel arch was bent under, I paid cash to have it fixed (£1400) due to my very high insurance as I am 21.
  4. Just wondering if it is normal for the rear tyres to point inwards so they look like they are at a 20 degree angle? I had an accident back in January and the garage I took the car too had fixed at back end of my car. But to me the wheel seems at an angle.
  5. Did I Get A Good Deal Or Not??

    I have noticed that when the car is driving at a steady 30mph the car goes seem quite loud, but this is probably because it's a diesel and I came from a petrol, also when I switch the ignition off the cooling fan is quite loud also, is this all normal??? Thanks in advance
  6. Did I Get A Good Deal Or Not??

    I am very happy with the car, a big step up from my Vauxhall corsa!! Insurance is steep though as I'm 21
  7. Did I Get A Good Deal Or Not??

    It has got a full service history , 12 months mot and tax included, immaculate condition
  8. 2 months ago i traded in my 2005 vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi after going to a nearby dealer. I originally went to view a 2007 corsa as my older model was worn out and had problems which would have cost more than what the car was worth to fix. While viewing the newer corsa I instantly saw the Ford focus in a corner with no price in view. It's a Ford focus tdci 1.6 titanium model. Originally I was only looking to spend £3000. Before I tell you what I paid let me run through what I got.. the vehicle has 54,000 miles on the clock, a standard Sony sterio without the sat nav, standard seats (non leather) so I'm guessing it's the standard model . It's a 2008 model and ac works etc. No problems with the car that I can see and it drives smoothly. (£20 a year tax helps ;)) I got £1500 for my car when I traded it in. So all together I paid £6500 for the car. What do you think?? Cheers in advance
  9. RT @Fact: People who are depressed or sad spend more money than people who are happy.