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  1. The heater illumination was still on so I checked fuse anyway and yes fuse is all OK. I checked both bulb contact points, nothing. Checked it against the interior light and the lights I wanted to put in lit up. So it's definitely the dial circuit :( Sent from my Hudl HT7S3 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. After messing around with my car again (don't ask why) I have managed to frazzle my dial illumination. There is now no power to the place where the bulbs usually sit What would be easier, replacing the green plastic strip that the power goes too. (I have no idea how to remove the dial instruments, otherwise I wouldn't be in this predicament) Or wiring some new lights into the headlights, so the dial illumination still comes on with the headlights? Please help I would like to drive my car at night asap lol
  3. Its a shame my ford is from 1997, a bit outside the 120 month mark haha Just bought some from dmb before they go forever though, hopefully thatll be a good touch up :)
  4. I really am starting to get a nice little motor out of optimus, am quite pleased :) Swapped out the rear led bulb for a strip for rear courtesy lighting Also had this little friend installed in the boot :p I forgot say quite a while back I changed my speedomoter light to blue, aswell as the heater control pabel. Also had some footwell lighting installed too. Managed to sneak them all into one picture lol Also managed to get this beaut wired in too, for show only of course Things left to do are to change all the interior switches to blue and place on the dmb badges I've ordered :)
  5. Just realised you asked how to get the dials off, unfortunately I don't think you can unless you want them to stay off permanently lol
  6. Hi, To remove the panel you need to remove the stereo, and if its and aftermarket one, the frame also. Once thats off you can unscrew the two scress holding it in place, ones thats off the wiring for the dials will still be attached, the heater control and speed will be wires that unclip, however the direction dial has a cable plugged in that can be just pulled out (but be careful placing it back in, as its the tricky one!) I recommend unclipping the wiring first, then you can give the direction dial a decent pull to get it out. Hope this helps, and if you don't mind me asking, why does it need to come off?
  7. Thanks mateSmoked the front headlights couple days back
  8. I'll get some side shots of the car later as mines a three door but yours looks wicked too :) I think I'll stick to the black for now though and see how it goes over the last lot of wheels Thanks for all that advice mate has hrlped me out a bit as I sanded the first wheel down with 40 grit and smoothed it with 400 :o I have started to use 80/120 on the next one and will smooth out with higher numbers next time I've been told about filler/putty primer which fills in any deep scratches to get a better base coat, anyone had any experience with this? (I've also smoked the front headlights now and will post that on my optimus prime thread. Am bit upset at the moment as I picked up my car from the garage other day after a bit of repair work and someones dented the bonnet :'( )
  9. Sorry mate theyre 14, I've only got an old car haha. I was going to spend most of my day doing them today but I've been called into work 5 hours early :(
  10. Sorry I forgot to say they are 14s and I currently have have 13 steels with official trims lol. Erm a two are roadworthy, a few are crossing the line and the rest are balding so I'll need some new tyres soon. Hopefully ill be able to do a swap with my current 13s which would save me a few quid. My pops a regional manager and so he does a lot of driving and saw the 15 set on ebay and picked them up the next day. Not sure where he got the £50 set from but still a good deal nonetheless! Excited to do my wheels now. Optimus is currently at a garage, had a pre mot from a mate and the exhaust had fractured but turns out they've sent the wrong exhaust:( all in all though its £150 for parts and labour on the exhaust centre and end plus doing the front wishbone bushes
  11. You can see a tiny part of the dented bit where filler was used but its only noticible within a foot or so One set was £15 for 4 and no hubcaps and the other 4 complete with hubcaps were £50 so all in all not a bad deal if I say so myself
  12. Thanks for all the good feedback guys :) really spurs me on to do the rest rather than just whack em on my car lol My cars a dark blue (state blue) but after a bit of inspection today I do think the black would go. But I was considering the gunmetal grey/anthracite. I'll be spraying the rest in a garage so hopefully it wont be as breezy as the garden lol
  13. Thanks, I may have to do them all black then :)
  14. Awesome idea, nicely done :)
  15. Hi all, for my birthday I gained an extra 8 alloy wheels for my p reg fiesta. While 4 are in alright nick, the other 4 arent so great (but they were dirt cheap) I've always wanted to have a go at painting some alloys so I had a crack on the worst wheel there was (heavily scratched, lots of filler, punctured tyre etc) and attempted to transform it. Obviously I can't go for a professional finish as its my first try, but even the best have to start somewhere right? I'm still not 100% sure on black, I like it but theres something niggling at the back of my mind about it That one wheel hasnt been lacquered yet, but any feedback is helpful :) hope you enjoted the small picture thread too lol