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  1. Hello, I have fitted quite a few tuning boxes to the 1.6 & 1,4 TDCI engines in the fiesta, I have found an easier way to do the job than in this guide, I got the job down to 20 mins from start to finish, I'm not knocking Jedilard who has obviously spent time taking the pictures and writing the guide. you need a long o ring pick with a 90 degree bend on the end a pair of long handled long nose pliers with 45 degree bend 8mm & 10 mm 1/4 drive sockets & medium extension (fuel filter housing bolts) torch or head lamp 1.6 TDCI remove fuel filter & housing, you then have more room to see the common rail pressure sensor, go down through the gap where the fuel filter was with the o ring pick whilst picking the clip on the connector on the end of the common rail sensor you can get in behind the ecu & battery with your pliers and remove the connector, connect your tuning module with the aid of the long nosed pliers put your fuel filter back in with its housing and away you go. you can also disconnect the battery if you want to before starting the job. 1.4 TDCI similar to above but is more difficult because the common rail seems to be mounted further down the cylinder block and the common rail sensor connector is very close to the flywheel housing making it more difficult to pick the clip on the sensor first one i did was a right pain in the !Removed! to do, and used a similar principle as in Jedilards guide, but after a bit of head scratching i found the above easier way hope my experiences help.