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  1. Hi I have mondeo tdci 130 automatic zetec s . I had someone come round to remap my car because the mpg is awful 26mpg. The guy came with a kess v2 but for some reason it would not do the job. I think it does not accommodate this car. Has anyone else had a remap with a kess or is it I just cant remap my car. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  2. Fuel Consumption

    Hi guys I know I drive an auto but my fuel consumption doesnt seem very good. My zetec s tdci auto 130bhp seems to be running absolutely fine no probs. Its doing about 26 round town dont know on a long run haven't done that in a while. Any ideas?? Regards tony
  3. Remote Fob Mk3

    Hi the buttons are not harder than normal to press. It happens if im stood close or away from car. Regards
  4. Remote Fob Mk3

    Sorry I also have changed the battery.
  5. Remote Fob Mk3

    Hi my remote fob is getting harder to lock and unlock my mondeo mk3. Sorry you've probably have had this question a few times before . Any ideas? Regards tony
  6. New To Forum

    Thanks for all your warm welcomes.
  7. New To Forum

    Hi my name is tony I have a mondeo zetec s tdci auto 53 plate and I love it.