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  1. 2005 Ka Speed Sensor A

    Thanks, I've got the day off tomorrow to have another play.
  2. 2005 Ka Speed Sensor A

    The error code just says speed sensor A when read but I believe it could be p0500 their is no abs light on, could it be at the rear? Or any idea wich side as I have already done both the front sensors.
  3. Can somebody help pleeeeease! I've done a lot of searching but can't find the answer, I have a ford ka 2005 wich the speedometer does not work, the engine management light is on and says its speed sensor A I can't find the vss on the gearbox, I have changed both the front abs sensors too no luck. I've got a vss sensor fro the ford dealers that they say is for my car but I can't find it on the car! An I just been blind? The engine is a 1.3 duratech. Any help would be really appreciated