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  1. Cd 6000

    Hi need some help I bought a 07 fiesta. Now it has a aux plug in the centre consul but at some point the radio has gone wrong and been swapped for one with a ccdj button not a aux button. I have bought another radio with aux on it,but for some reason two wires one blue one greyish have been taken out of the big multi plug and I don't know which one goes where ? Any ideas ?
  2. Trip Computer

    Hi got a 2007 fiesta 1.4tdci. When you switch the ignition off the trip / average speed /mpg etc all reset to 0 so it must have lost a permanent live somewhere. Any ideas ?
  3. Trip Computer

    Hi new on here have just bought a 2007 1.4 tdci fiesta and have a problem with the dash. When you stop and turn the ignition off the trip / average speed and everything but the total mileage resets to 0. So it must be missing a permanaent live feed somewhere ! Any ideas ?