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  1. Newbie Questions

    Hi! Have collected the car and it is great. However, I tried talking to two Ford main dealers about the stensils and they don't have any! I spoke to the people in the service department, in parts and even in the New Car sales and nobody could help me! Is there a copy of the stensil on-line somewhere? Take care.
  2. Newbie Questions

    Andrei, thanks for your replies. I only plan to drive in France for a short holiday, so the tape conversion seems to be the easiest. I have some Lucas tape which I used on my mondeo. Does anyone have the outline for the Smax or do I simply speak to my Ford dealer? I hope to pick the Smax up at the end of next week. Edek
  3. Newbie Questions

    I am hoping to buy an S-Max soon. Can anyone advise me on headlight conversions for driving in France? Thanks