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  1. Ford Kuga Leaking

    Hi, Yes there are some grommets (passenger side and drivers side), but I can't see any obvious signs of the water getting in. I'm just concerned the car has had issues before hence the extensive extra sealing / matting on the passenger side. It just doesn't look like Ford would do that. I am impressed with the build quailty of the Kuga and to put that matting just seems wrong / not normal. Regards, Jules
  2. Ford Kuga Leaking

    Hi There, Back in uly we bought a Ford Kuga 58reg and it has already been back to the dealership 4 times for carpet issues. Just over a week ago we now have a passenger foot well swimming in water. I took the carpet back and I'm happy the water is not coming odwn from the bulkhead as the soundproofing is dry higher up. (Water is in the bottom) Has anyone else had any leaking issues in the footwell, if so did you find out what it was? Also there seems to be alot of extra "sealant / covering" in the footwell compared to the drivers side (see attached) I can't see that this is factory fitted and Ford has said that there are no warranty issues on file. Is this normal? We have changed to Ford after many, many years of being Renault owners and since all the issues we have been having, we are more than disappointed. Can someone help please. regards, Jules Leak.pdf