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  1. Had a mini 803 in the front for just over a year now, but just bought a mini 805 so I can have front and rear covered. the 803 is a superb HD camera and is small enough to hardly be noticeable behind the rear view mirror. The 805 is slightly larger but will be swapped with the 803 and has very good reviews. The pair will have cost me about £150 in total, so very affordable when compared with other quality dash cams. Can't really see the point in having a rear view dashcam built into the front as you see more of the car interior than you do of the road behind, so other than being able to watch the expressions of the driver and passengers when in a crash, your view tends to be limited behind.
  2. Another thing to consider is the speed of your memory stick. Try another one that has good speed writeups. I use one of these. Takes up almost no room at all, and works well.
  3. I do know if you put a lot of tracks onto a stick that there isn't enough memory in the car system to access certain features. Try splitting the number into two or 3 folders and see what happens. If no change, try 500 tracks on a stick. I have about 250 tracks in each folder, with a few folders with single albums on. No problem with missing anything. Of course, you could try not using shuffle.
  4. Yes, it's the cover where you screw in the towing eye. It's just clipped in place and usually needs a bit of a tug to pull out.
  5. Not on my ST. Turning the ambient lighting off, turns off the rest as well.
  6. The wheel bearing itself has nothing to do with the ABS. There is a sensor and sensor ring which operate together. I'd try getting the sensor cleaned and check that the sensor ring is fitted correctly.
  7. I use an E-prance 0803, works well. A dashcam is the one thing I'd always recommend as a priority nowadays. As for insurance companies, they are still behind the times and don't seem to offer any sort of discount, in the main, for having one. If I replace mine, I'll be looking at models that have 2 pickups, as obviously being hit from behind doesn't actually get shown on just a forward facing camera apart from any jolt that may move the car out of it's normal movement. Either that, or fit a second individual camera facing rearwards. This site is very good for dashcam reviews and can give you some ideas
  8. Yep, just pull it.
  9. There are DAB add ons that are available for any FM radio as they resend the signal as an FM one. Personally, since I got my ST with the Sony DAB setup I've found it's not any better than FM for signal reception. Actually tends to be worse simply because a fainter signal causes either complete drop outs, or crackling/popping that sounds like the speakers are about to blow. Obviously the benefits are good in that certain stations are DAB only in some areas, but I personally think FM is going to be around for another few years.
  10. If its the standard race red then there is no laquer coating on top, hence the lack of a pen in the kit. Laquer coatings are usually only on cars with metallic or pearlescent paintwork as they are harder to repaint, and easier to degrade in weather, otherwise.
  11. No problem with mine either. 1st does run out of steam very quickly so I go to 2nd then 4th then 6th.
  12. Not having broken the front of my ST in 18 months, I can't help on that score. the squealing brakes though, may well be you have a worn pad indicator telling you it's time to change the pads. A lot of pads have a piece of spring steel which touches the disc when the pads are worn to near their limits, causing a screeching/squealing noise.
  13. The key needs to be inside the car to start. Unfortunately, if you then get out of the car with the key in your pocket, the engine still carries on running, so don't do what some people do and nip out to post a letter, or buy a paper.
  14. If you have the style pack on the ST, the front calipers are larger, so 14 inch wheels will not fit the front. But, you could still use a 14 inch as long as you're prepared to swap if necessary a rear wheel onto the front, if you have a front tyre flat, then use the 14 inch on the rear. A lot of messing around really.
  15. Just book it into the garage. Messing around with the car with no experience or idea means you're more likely to screw things up. Then guess who will refuse to fix any problems under warrantee?