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  1. ( 51plate - 2001 - mk1 - focus - 1.6 petrol ) Hi all, 3 Power steering leaks!! Two I can see - One I cant!! First up - both of the gaiters are leaking - only a tiny bit and the actual gaiter seems in good nick , but what seals/ clips do I need etc, to close them off / stop the leak. Second, there is a leak from the rack itself, but access under the car without removing the cross member is non-existant. The leak is on the rear side of the rack (side facing the back of the car) and I cant see where from. ( there is a bolt/screwhead on the rack with four holes in / slightly castlated) and the leak is just behind that but cant see. I removed the heat shield but still no joy! I've got 3 weeks til MOT so need help!! I'm a jobbing diyer and have some skills, but no mechanic!! kind regards Ushmiester
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    Hi there all!! I am the proud new owner of a focus 1.6 zetec, state blue. a quick q & a 1. whats the average mpg. Since brimming the tank when I bought it, I've covered almost 400 miles for £60 - does this sound about right 2. cambelt/timing belt! the dreaded "hasit / hasn't it" been changed - and Its on 95K!!! the cover looks new but haven't got round to taking it off yet but does have a sticker on the side. info at bottom of post. 3. power steering leak - only slight but leaking underneath regardless. (o/s/f) any clues?? 4. Wobbly headlight (osf)- (12v Doobla - or Doola!!??) - inside the headlight casing whilst the headlight is off the car, there is a small plastic ball joint that needs seating in the plastic retainer - its come off and is a bugger to get back in - resulting in a disco effect when going over bumps! Any tips? I have done the following maintenance so far - New Oil & Filter, Topped up all fluids, changed 2 headlight bulbs, New Battery, Air filter, new Spark Plugs. ( oh - and washed & waxed - engine bay cleaned & tidied up) whats next? Cheers in advance :) Ushmiester timing belt cover info sticker 1S4G 6007 MA 13 ELH00 200901141240 001 I 22 1.60