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  1. Cheers I will speak to them
  2. Yes the front off light switch is on the left how much you think they charge for that ?
  3. hi i have a fiesta 1.4 tcdi edge build 2010 on a 11 plate think its a mk 7 or 8 and all the wiring was there and connected andy
  4. Hi Need help after I fitted new front fog lights, need someone to reprogram my fiesta ecu to recognise my front fog lights Andy
  5. Hi Scott Thanks for the reply but given up on the idea now and going to look after Christmas at a parrot system Andy
  6. Hi Yes I had read what I needed from older post on here, I did get a second hand head unit and larger screen, and stereo buttons but now thinking It might be easy to get a parrot system mki9200 if there any good ? But still feel its a shame not to have it all from the control panel how it was built, wish it was not this hard to do Andy
  7. Hi Need advice on buying a bluetooth module for my fiesta edge mk7 build date 2010 I have no blutooth module in the car so thinking about upgrading so I can have bluetooth in my car , a bit lost at the moment with all the different model numbers so any help please Andy
  8. Thanks everyone Andy
  9. Hi, Just what to say hi and look forward to learning more about my car Andy