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  1. Hi Dave.. ,,,actually its a GREAT guide .. thank you for taking the time to post it .... I just signed up with the club/forum specifically to tell you that ! .. exactly enough details for a reasonably competent home mechanic to see the lie-of-the-land , and figure beforehand if its "reasonably do-able" (or not) on a wintery December afternoon on the driveway ! - certainly saved me the 90-quid the local garage wanted. I do confess to slipping the old belt back on for now ... failing light ... not immediately obvious how the tensioner unhooks for belt replacement ... and I hadnt yet located an equally informative guide to the nuances of tensioner removal ( ... a Hint , Dave ?! :-) ) Not Like the "old days" when you could see which "lumps" come out easily or not, and change a Cortina alternator in ten-minutes flat . Thanks again, Nic ( oh...and I wasn't too bothered about a bit of minor surface rust on the face of my engine pulley either )