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  1. Hi! I was just wondering that is it possible to program side/lowbeams off on 2011 model fiesta when it's daytime(bright). And then they come on when its dark. Was just wondering about fitting DRL's and atleast in finland you can't have sidelights/lowbeams on when the DRL's are on. Ofcourse its legal if they are dimmed. But the whole Idea is for them to be bright so I would like for this DRL assembly to be legal and to work as it should.
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Anyone here who has tried "eagle eye" type of LED's as DRL? I would like to know which ones to choose from as there is many different ones goes from 1.5w to 9w. So I would like to know which ones are usually used on as DRL's I believe citroen DS3 has eagle eye's as DRL's.
  3. Hello! So im getting 2011/1.6tdci(70kw/95hp) Ford Fiesta sport van on next week ( the car is currently in germany and is being shipped to finland.) Anyways I already ordered H&R's springs the ones that lowers your car by 50mm. And now im looking for some alloys for summer. The car has 2 sets of alloys the original fords 16" and 15". The 15" ones will have winter tires on my plan was to put them originally on 16" but apparently the tire size is very rare so they dont really make good winter tires on the 16" ones so I had to put them on 15"s. So I was kinda thinking about 9x17 with 205/40/17 so there will be abit of stretching going on there :D. And I will probably get it chip tuned by this cool professional guy who did it in the past with my old car he said we could safely take out 140hp and set the torque range to more my liking :). So I would like to know your opinions on my thoughts! And please if theres someone here with lowered fiestas or with wide alloys please send some pics :). I would love to actually see how the looks are at the moment they are just in my head. My first car used to be mk2 vw golf and that one had lowered suspension and really wide alloys and stuff so I really like the "german look" but I dont want to go too much into that look. Still want my car to be driveable as I use it everyday on work! Summer tires/wheels are here :D.
  4. Fiesta/lowered/alloys

    Actually mine (the red) and the black one have the exact same wheel size. 8.5 width 17 inch ET 35 I have 205/40/17 so theres a little bit of stretching there. The real size for those alloys would be 225 I think. But then the wheels would hit the wheel arches all the time so thats why I went with a smaller tire.
  5. Fiesta/lowered/alloys

    Apparently the DRL's I have around the fog lights were too bright for the camera to capture. It's supposed to be perfect bright circle. :/
  6. Also from start to finish (taking apart and putting back on) fitting a tuning box with the instructions from this guide takes me 15mins. So thanks for the guide Jedilard! Its really not that much of a hassle. First it took me good 30mins but the second time when I knew exactly what tools I needed and what to do it takes around 15mins.
  7. Anyone here who can help me out with choosing a good chip tuning box for fiesta 1.6tdci 95ps. I bought "powerbox 3" named box and apparently didn't work. Tried my old DS-tuning box from my old MB but with that the car didn't even start. So some links to ebay or something would be much appreciated.
  8. So I own MK7 fiesta sport van. Now mine has these body colored plastic parts where you usually have your rear passenger windows. So the question goes should I paint them black or mayby tape them black to get a window look? What do you guys think? For you to even have a vague Idea heres a pic how the car currently looks (sorry for the bad quality.)
  9. "window Look" Or Not?

    Nope no distinction between however with a van you're paying less tax. Normal fiesta 1.6tdci 95ps tax costs 413.5 euros which is roughly 343 GBP a year. For the exact same car except van version it's 144.9 euros = 120 GBP. In finland tax scales with emissions and diesel cars have another tax on top of the normal one! However diesel costs less than petrol. Diesel costs 1.430-1.550 euros depending on the day. Petrol is around 1.580-1.680 for 95/E10 And 98/E5 is something like 1.680-1.780. Also our insurance system is way different. Our insurance system doesn't have any groups your cars insurance costs depends on pretty much how many have been crashed or thats pretty much how it works. So if your car is rare and pretty much no one owns same type of car the chances are your running on low insurance costs cause there isn't that many people to crash that type of car and thus not bringing the insurance costs up.
  10. "window Look" Or Not?

    Your reasons doesn't apply to me/finland! But theres another rule! Summer speedlimits on motorway is 120km/h = Which is 74.5 Mph. However with a van you are only allowed to go 100km/h = 62 Mph. So if I make it look more like a car I know for sure that the police won't come after me.
  11. "window Look" Or Not?

    Think they are pretty much just glued so with some heat they might come off easy. Not too much of a hassle to protect the rest of the car if painting and wrapping em/taping isnt a problem ofc ( just wondering if it comes off easy when I wash the car.)
  12. Choosing Alloys.

    Yeah those are awesome though I suspect they are a bit expensive?
  13. studio or zetec?

    1.6tdci 95ps MK7 fiesta here when I got it I was really disappointed in the power/torque it could give out. My brothers B-class MB with its 109BHP CDI engine is a lot faster and on paper my fiesta should be faster cause its a lot lighter but that is not the case in the real world. However I overcame my disappointment shortly when I got to a quiet narrow/twisty road its really nice car to drive and doesn't feel as slow when you're cornering :). Still the 1.4 tdci should be better than your 1.1l citroen. Well Im getting mine chip tuned anyhow to get more power and less consumption.
  14. Choosing Alloys.

    Yeah they are okay though personally I dont like black alloys that much cause it doesn't look that good from a distance. Also black alloys always look 1" smaller than they really are imo. And last but not least if going with alloys that have a "lip" be sure you have your car "low enough" alloys with lip look stupid on cars that have gaps between on wheel and the wheel arch and thats also my own opinion :D.
  15. Fiesta/lowered/alloys

    Sorry for the bad pics but there wasn't really enough room in the garage and outside was pouring rain :(. Can't wait till spring to change summer wheels on :).
  16. Fiesta/lowered/alloys

    Got the car today yey! Immediately changed the springs ride quality is still good these H&R are still comfortable when just cruising around. And the real difference can be felt on corners (no more roll over feeling :D) Will add some pics when I wash the car currently weather so bad that the car gets really dirty just after 100meters of driving (gotta love salt/snow/mud/water.
  17. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Ah okey :D That helped a lot thanks. Haven't used english in a long while so couldn't make out what happened to the strips :D. Some adjectives just make me confused and in this case "tatty" didn't really know what it meant.
  18. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Also you said first that you bought led strips where did those go? If I understood correctly you ended up putting the "led rings" inside the plastic "halo" cover? Got me confused what did you do with the strips?
  19. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Hi! I have a question! My fiesta mk7 which is coming this week has a original DRL system ( I don't even know how they look). Anyways I can pretty much get these LED strips and steal the supply from the originals DRL's wire? My car has this AUTO sensor thingy so during day time theres DRL and when it gets dark it puts the headlights on itself. Am I right?
  20. Hello! I've never heard of this problem before. Is this problem just limited to one type of "ford" alloys or does it concern all of them?
  21. Just read the whole story thus far and I think you need a new motor. In our company we had -08 transit and it had done couple hundred miles with not enough oil and it seriously left some marks. The turbo was changed oils/filters. But the car was never the same it acted like it had done 300 000 miles instead of the 25 000 it had really done. Also nowadays its hard to find a place where they actually know how to fix a car! Nowadays they just guess which part is faulty and change it the "faulty" part gets sent to the factory where it was made and not you nor the dealer is told what causes these faults. Thats how it is atleast with ford and vw nowadays.
  22. Led Brightness

    The thing about LED's is that they are really sensitive to voltage and amperes. If you have even a slight resistance difference the other one will be brighter. Also LED's tend to get more brighter as the time goes by. So you actually get more light out of them when you have used them for a while. Ofc in the end they will get darker and die someday but basically they are meant to last forever however they can't take any kind of voltage peaks for long so they die out in the end. Also you might not have any problems with connections/wires or anything it just might be that the LED's aren't completely identical.
  23. Can Anyone Help With This Rivet

    Exactly unscrew it and at the same time use a knife or flat screwdriver to pull it out.