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  1. Fiesta Seats

    Good afternoon all I'm just wondering if anyone can me I bought some seats of a guy on eBay claiming they were mk6 fiesta seats got them home yeah not a chance they are the back bench is in two halfs were as the mk6 is one complete so I have to get rid recon there focus seats any way my main question is do the 3dr mk5 seats fit a mk6 straight swap just not two fond of the st seats just want some plain leathers thanks
  2. Headlight Bulbs

    Nice one but what will the fit ment be I have a mk6 fiesta
  3. What hid headlight bulbs fit mk6 fiesta I want the blue ones can any one help
  4. Roof Liner Mk6 Fiesta

    Thanks ill do that
  5. Roof Liner Mk6 Fiesta

    Thanks I'm new to this forum how would I get in touch with him lol
  6. Roof Liner Mk6 Fiesta

    Do you recon it will be a big job
  7. Roof Liner Mk6 Fiesta

    How do I remove the head liner on a mk6 fez can't find any info any were some one help please