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  1. I think I remember reading somehting about this as wll, but thought it was being introduced only for newer cars eg. Euro 6 compliant. Until then, I'll keep sleeping easy at night!
  2. Yeah, I'll have to do that anyway, but thought it would be better going into it with the combined knowledge of this forum,especially if there is a common issue to look out for.
  3. Had a problem with my driver's door handle which now won't open the door from the outside, but perfectly fine from the inside. I heard a sound as if a piece of metal fell down the inside of the door when it happened and from reading up on the internet it sounds as if its a piece that has fallen off the reinforcement mechanism. I'm surprised it doesn't come up on a search on this forum, so my question is: how easy it is to take the reinforcement off but then put the handle itself back on for the time it takes me to confirm this is the problem and then get a new one? Depending on the cost new I might try to get one at a scrapyard but want to make sure I'm only buying a piece that I really need. Does anyone have any tips on what else it might be or tips on a fix - theres a video on the US Youtube showing a cost free fix but I don't think its relevant to this problem. thanks
  4. Just looked them up and HDI-tuning is located only about 50 yds from Avon in Tockington (funny that I never came across them before!) - are they related? That said, I have been impressed by Avon enough to prefer going back than risk someone else who might not do a s good a job.
  5. I see that you are in Somerset - I would take the car to Gareth at Avon Tuning near Bristol who would sort this out for you once and for all, cheaper and more reliable than messing about with dpf replacements and fluids. Did mine there about 2 or 3 years ago and no issues since. Ask about deleting the egr as well for good measure.
  6. I disabled mine like that as well - the instructions were easy enough to find on the internet, maybe even this site. This doesn't fix your problem directly but a good work-around.
  7. If it gives you any reassurance mine is a year older and nearly double the mileage, and running as sweetly as ever (touch wood). Had one problem with each of the dpf and egr but "sorted" it straightaway and no more. Done oil changes about every 10k but will be increasing the frequency from now on, There are obviously issues with this engine but I think they are sometimes exaggerated (as in you always hear about what went wrong, but never from those just quietly going about their business without problems).
  8. what happened to the photo you promised to take and post on here?
  9. I didn't use Ford - first tried mt own OBD2 with Torque Pro (no codes), then went to my normal independent garage (again no codes) even though the car was clearly in limp mode. It was not until i went to a specialist tuning/mapping place I know that they diagnosed the glow plugs, and even then it was not the computer which told them but their own experience of seeing this a few times previously.
  10. Exactly the same on mine - EML and limp mode but no codes. I took it to a specialist tuning company who knew what it was when no one else could even guess. They said straight away it would be glow plus or EGR fault so got them to blank and delete the EGR form the system at the same time so it never plays up again. Right as rain since so can't fault them. (You didn't say your car is a diesel so I didn't make the link with glow plugs)
  11. Won't you get all the water spray and other crap going straight into the air box lif it is left open and front facing like that? The Mk 2 snorkel is different and goes downwards from the air box but I haven't followed it to the open end yet - I'll take a look when I get a chance.
  12. Option 3 is what I have had for over 2 years (maybe 3) and no complaints at all. Runs more smoothly, better mpg and better reliability that it has ever had. I might get a Terraclean done sometime soon just as a preventative measure. I would say I do more highway miles than city so that helps as well.
  13. Yeah there is that, but didn't stop me from being !Removed! off when this happened.
  14. OK thanks - would a touch up stick be enough to protect against rust in the long term or should I put on some kind of primer / undercoat for extra protection?
  15. Just back from a great holiday in Corsica - I would highly recomend to anyone looking for a mix of sea and mountain and excellent hiking country and scenery. Enjoyed the driving there as well with very windy roads along the coast and up into the mountains, though my passengers maybe didn't appreciate it quite as much as me. The Focus handled it all very well...except for one of the rougher mountain passes which I would barely call a road. I was following one of those Japanese mickey-mouse pretend 4WDs and discovered that they do have higher ground clearance than the Focus when I heard the grinding noise from underneath. Anyway its not too bad but has left a gash in the plastic trim and paintwork in the door sill as per the photos, but no damage to anything behind as far as I can see. Given this car is soon to be 10 years old I will not spend a fortune at the body shop to fix it up to look new. Will more likely do just what is needed to stop it from rusting and deteriorating. Any one have any recomendation for products to use or a process? I would guess I should clean it up by taking off any loose paint and put on a primer and top coat of paint? Not too bothered about colour matching given where it is. The plastic trim is a bit loose now in this area but not about to fall off - is there a risk it works its way off through vibration and time? Thanks for any suggestions.