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  1. Good call, I think that I just replaced the edge screws but not the 3 or 4 middle ones that connect through the slam panel and the grill feels solid enough and hasn't fallen out yet (fingers crossed)
  2. OK good luck, and let us know how you got on.
  3. That's the video I found most useful and followed that exact method to get the grill off in one piece - the plastic screws are exactly where he said and you can even see them with the help of a torch. Then instead of smacking the lock mechanism with a lump hammer I reached in under the bonnet and undid the 2 10mm bolts that hold the bonnet latch in place, which is a bit of a squeeze but doable if you go at it slowly with a small ratchet set. I've heard quotes of $180 to over £300 if you take it to a Ford garage so worth trying it yourself first, especially as they will probably end up breaking your grill and charging you for it anyway!
  4. No comment . Can recommend the great outfit who did this for me (have done several time son this forum), best thing my Focus has seen since the day it was built.
  5. Agree with that. There was a thread on here a while back with a few defending this engine based on their own experience, including me. 10 years old, just coming up to 130k miles, original turbo, clutch etc and going as strong (even better) than when I got it. Prevention is the aim with DPF and EGR sorted out a few years ago and regular oil changes, though more like 8k intervals in my case.
  6. Lots of threads on this topic if you do a search on this website, including a few by me on how I got into the engine bay without breaking anything when the same problem happened. To be honest I learned a lot from previous posters even though it was not always exactly the same issue so really worth reading them before you have a go at it. There are a few useful Youtube videos as well. Let us know if you have any specific questions.
  7. I have a similar dent on my Mk 2 - that's the day I didn't see a metal post and found out the reverse sensors had stopped working! I have just left it as per some of the other comments, it would cost nearly the value of the car to fix and isn't doing any harm as it is (though that's not how I felt the day it happened). Same when I caught the underside on a rock and left a dent, or when someone opened their door against mine, upsetting at the time but have lived with it since and not worth getting worked up about.
  8. Try Avon Tuning in Tockington (just outside Bristol) - just look them up on Google for web site and contact details and ask for Gareth or James. From memory it was about £300 or so for the DPF removal and remapping but that was about 3 years ago. Would definitely be worth asking their advice around removing or cleaning and I have always found them spot on.
  9. Looks like I will buy a second hand mechanism with key and swap it out. Then I will swap the immobiliser chip to the new key and accept that I will have the old key for the doors and the new key for the ignition. Maybe I would look at getting new door locks as well if they come up cheap on ebay.
  10. I had my "done" a few years ago and had no problems with MOT or smoke since. Coupled with blanking the EGR and remap I have better performance and better fuel economy. I could recommend a good place that does this near Bristol if that is near to you or you are willing to travel. They also do DPF cleaning and other diagnostic / remapping services and they would definitely be able to advise you ((without any hard sell) and have great customer focus.
  11. Thanks for the reply isetta. When it sticks, the key does not turn at all so the steering lock is still engaged - even if the front wheels are straight and there is no pressure on the steering lock. I need to push the key in a bit to get it to turn, and that is just since I squirted the oil in. I'll have a look at getting a cheap replacement mechanism and try to fool the immobiliser by waving the original key in front of it...we'll see if that works.
  12. No one? The oil squirted into the lock seems to be working for now, but fully expecting a call from my wife at any moment, stuck in the supermarket car park with the key not wanting to turn!
  13. Problem with my ignition barrel - basically the key will not turn to start the engine, feels like a mechanical blockage like the locking mechanism is worn or damaged. Same thing with both keys, which work in the doors so I am pretty sure it is the barrel not the key which is the problem. I sprayed some oil onto the key and also into the key hole and it has helped but doesn't fill me with confidence and don't really want to be in a position of not being able to start the car. I take it this is a main dealer job as they need to code a replacement barrel to the key? The local main dealer wants £140 to diagnose the problem (!), but I have got them to price the replacement part at £180 and the labour at £240 - sounds a bit steep? And there is a 10 day wait on the parts. Given the car is 10 years old and I want to spend the minimum possible on it, is there another way around this - even to the point of removing all the gubbins and not even needing the key if necessary? I'm thinking about how car theives would just join 2 wires together to get it started, though I would install a hidden switch to make it more secure. Or are these modern (ish in my case) just too full of electronics nowadays?
  14. Here are the photos, don't know exactly which part of the plastic bit you need the dimension to so took a general photo and a close up of that end - hope they show up ok. The cable slides a bit inside the plastic end by about 10mm so that could make a difference as well. Let me know if you need a more exact number..
  15. Yep, I just had the same problem and followed a combination of several threads on this forum and Youtube videos, the best solution just depends on exactly what is wrong so there is not one solution to fit all. The search function on here works well enough to find topics using key works "bonnet lock" or "bonnet not working" etc