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  1. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    I had something similar which turned out to be a tyre which was wearing non-uniformly - if you raised the car on a ramp and turned the wheel, you could feel a wavy surface as you rub your hand over the turning wheel. It started on a front wheel and was less noticeable when I rotated to the rear but eventually got worst - would start at about 55-60mph but die off if I accelerated beyond 70mph. when on the front ,it was also noticeable when turning and braking at the same time when that wheel was on the front. I changed the tyres and all has been fine since...worth a try?
  2. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    ...and let us know how it goes. I often wonder if these small claims legal action actually work or if it just sounds like a good idea at the time.
  3. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    I would say the same thing - my son wanted me to teach him how to park for his driving test which i couldn't as it is just experience and "feel", I don't follow any rules. My Focus has reverse sensors but they stopped working, which I found out with a big bump noise from the back one day(!) so its probably not great to rely on them. But if you are having problems I would say that reverse sensors or camera is the way to go, or one of these if your budget is lower.
  4. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    What do you mean by FSH documents - isn't it just a stamp in the book for regular service work, which at that mileage I would expect it all to be?
  5. Central Locking acting up (weird noises)?

    So II guess no one else has had this issue? I can live with it for now and will just monitor it to see if it develops into something more worrying.
  6. How much is it worth?!

    That's the problem with cars of that vintage, book price goes down to about £500 and stays there unless there is something really special about it or considered a rare classic. Would be better off selling the alloys and s/s exhaust separately if in good condition (and any other mods that can be taken off) as they are worth more than the rest of the car in my opinion.
  7. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Do you know how early is early? Mine was registered March 2007, but not had any problems yet touch wood. I guess that no longer having a dpf will stop it heating up too much so that a good thing, right?
  8. Ford Focus mk2

    Agreed, take it back for an explanation and a fix - they don't sound too trustworthy doing that to you so you could threaten to give them bad PR if they don't sort it out. If you really want to open it up yourself it depends how much of the lock mechanism is missing - I guess the latch is still there otherwise the bonnet would fly open when you are driving, so shine a torch in through the grill and you should see a white cross shape about 8 inches back. You will need quite a long screwdriver to fit through the hole where the lock was and into the cross and turn it a quarter turn left then right to open. That's how I left mine when I took out the faulty lock and made up a tool by grinding down the end of a piece of reinforcing bar when I found out none of my screwdrivers were long enough. Works well enough when you know what to do.
  9. Central Locking acting up (weird noises)?

    Thanks for that, but I don't think it is the same thing - it has only recently started doing this, and when it happens it does it multiple times without actually locking the doors (just the noise). Thinking about it some more, I wonder if maybe some water has got into the door panel and is playing havoc with the electricals in there?
  10. I have a weird thing happening recently on my Mk2 and wonder if it anyone else has noticed something similar. Basically, everything is ok opening up and starting the engine, but then I randomly get noises as if the central locking activates and disactivates on its own as I am driving. I don't think the doors actually lock, but just make the noise a few times as if they are (the noise you get when you press the remote locking button), and this usually happens soon after starting the engine and pulling away, but this morning it happened after about half an hour of driving as I arrived at work. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. All this does not affect the way the car drives or anything, but just wondering if this might be an early warning of a problem developing, and one day I won't be able to get into the car or something. Anyone had anything like this before or any ideas what it could be?
  11. fixed bonnet lock

    Where did you get the parts, definitely looks more robust than the cable and plastic cross which falls out of place so easily?
  12. mk 2.5 bonnet release

    Good call, I think that I just replaced the edge screws but not the 3 or 4 middle ones that connect through the slam panel and the grill feels solid enough and hasn't fallen out yet (fingers crossed)
  13. mk 2.5 bonnet release

    OK good luck, and let us know how you got on.
  14. mk 2.5 bonnet release

    That's the video I found most useful and followed that exact method to get the grill off in one piece - the plastic screws are exactly where he said and you can even see them with the help of a torch. Then instead of smacking the lock mechanism with a lump hammer I reached in under the bonnet and undid the 2 10mm bolts that hold the bonnet latch in place, which is a bit of a squeeze but doable if you go at it slowly with a small ratchet set. I've heard quotes of $180 to over £300 if you take it to a Ford garage so worth trying it yourself first, especially as they will probably end up breaking your grill and charging you for it anyway!
  15. Ford Focus tdci titanium 1.6 2009

    No comment . Can recommend the great outfit who did this for me (have done several time son this forum), best thing my Focus has seen since the day it was built.