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  1. Just seen this and assume you have fixed it by now. The same thing happened to me and it was the cable that snapped just at the end where it connects to the handle lever. I ended up using a crimped electrical connector and small nut and bolt to reconnect it, but it did look as if the cable could be changed out without needing the whole mechanism.
  2. To diesel, or not to diesel.....that is the question!

    Is the cost of second hand diesels dropping now that all they get is negative press? If so then that might be a good chance to pick up a bargain if the driving conditions are right and no need for access to city centres. You would need to keep an eye on the continual changes and meddling that governments do to the rules.
  3. Which air filter for focus mk2?

    mine is a flat one - March 2007 model, so best to lift the top off the air box to check first
  4. Replacing Mk2.5 1.6 TDCI Titanium

    Out of interest, are you seeing the prices of diesel cars dropping following all the recent negative publicity? Just wondering if that is why petrol ecoboost is coming in more expensive than diesel for the same year and mileage, or were they more expensive when new? I think £3k for your 09 TDCi is a bit optimistic tbh, especially if it has "issues", and you would be offered even less on part-ex.
  5. Bonnet release problem asap mot due

    I had to pull out the grill as well, but managed it by cutting out the plastic lugs holding it in place instead of the grill itself and then I undid the latch mechanism bolts to lift the bonnet. I didn't bother refitting the lock and now just use a screwdriver adapter through the grill whenever I need to open it - there is a thread on here somewhere if you do a search that explains it all, including a very useful video put up by someone else.
  6. Sounds like wheel bearing, but. . .

    Same here, swap the wheels around and see if the noise moves with them. Also in my case there was more noise and vibration when it was on the front and when cornering so you could try that.
  7. OBD charging

    I've been thinking of getting something similar for my vehicles which sometimes I leave standing around for a while between uses, but most of them charge through the 12V socket or straight onto the battery terminals. I don't think that the glass should cause any problems if placing the unit on the dashboard as most solar panels have glass covers anyway. The Amazon link doesn't state what power the device is (that I can see) so maybe it is very low powered and not enough to make much difference - I believe you need at least 10W to overcome the consumption of the various electronics in the car? I bought a RAC branded car vacuum a while back and it was utter crap so I am am careful about trusting this kind of branding/marketing now and would prefer to get a more reputable brand.
  8. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I think you right as I have seen the same thing for years, even on long trips in the winter with the car at running temperature most of the time the mpg is still lower than in summer. I wonder if some new EU eco regulation came into play this year to make winter diesel even more rubbish than normal, as I have also suddenly got much worse economy from the last couple of tank fulls? Maybe the conspiracy against diesel cars is extending to making sure they are less efficient and so everyone will buy new electric or 1 litre petrols?
  9. Fuel warning light

    Mine comes on when there is 50 miles of range left according to the trip computer, so about a gallon - and yes, the fuel gauge is in the red zone showing empty. I have very occasionally allowed the range to drop to less than 20 miles left before refilling, although I think there is still some safety margin there and you can go to zero and still have some reserve (but I have never tested this). I seem to remember Top Gear did this to see if they could cross Europe on a single tank full, and go to wherever they were going with it showing zero miles left.
  10. New Battery

    Mine lasted 6 years but then died suddenly leaving me needing a jump start - literally it started ok, I drove out of the driveway but I had to go back in the house for something and when I came back out it wouldn't even try to turn over. Luckily I have jump leads and used the other car to start it until I got to the shop for a replacement. The replacement was a generic brand with 3 year guarantee which I have had over 4 years and still going strong (touch wood).
  11. Brake Pads Question

    I replaced my originals with Pagid bought from ECP and they are fine, since done 40k miles and counting.
  12. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    You're right, uphill on the motorway in 3rd gear with lorries right up your a**e can get embarrassing (and dangerous), and they don't know you can't go any faster! The other one was pulling away at roundabouts, you have to leave so much space you never get out and everyone behind gets impatient. Best to get it sorted out if you can.
  13. Focus Mk2.5 "rusty" seat mount

    I would say it depends on the climate where you live and if they use a lot of salt in winter which will get dragged in on your shoes. The metal seat frames in my cars always started rusting within a couple of years when I lived in Canada because snow would stick to shoes, mixed with salt from the road or sidewalks which would attack the metal as soon as it melted. Then again, it didn't take much longer for the rest of the car to became a rust bucket so no one noticed the seats as being any worse.
  14. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I've wondered before if it is best to take it gentle in the first few miles to let the engine warm up gradually, or let the revs stay higher to get the engine hot quicker (I'm not talking about red-lining it or anything, just working it a bit harder). I don't think the dash reading is accurate enough over a short trip so I would have to do it every day for a week or two to see what the difference is. I might try it if I remember.
  15. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Mine is at 33mph average speed, which I don't think I have ever reset. Maybe that is where the difference is because of different driving conditions?