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  1. Corsica rocks...are bad for the bodywork

    Yeah there is that, but didn't stop me from being !Removed! off when this happened.
  2. Corsica rocks...are bad for the bodywork

    OK thanks - would a touch up stick be enough to protect against rust in the long term or should I put on some kind of primer / undercoat for extra protection?
  3. Just back from a great holiday in Corsica - I would highly recomend to anyone looking for a mix of sea and mountain and excellent hiking country and scenery. Enjoyed the driving there as wellwith very windy roads along the coast and up into the mountains, though my passengers maybe didn't appreciate it quite as much as me. The Focus handled it all very well...except for one of the rougher mountain passes which I would barely call a road. I was following one of those Japanese mickey-mouse pretend 4WDs and discovered that they do have higher ground clearance than the Focus when I heard the grinding noise from underneath. Anyway its not too bad but has left a gash in the plastic trim and paintwork in the door sill as per the photos, but no damage to anything behind as far as I can see. Given this car is soon to be 10 years old I will not spend a fortune at the body shop to fix it up to look new. Will more likely do just what is needed to stop it from rusting and deteriorating. Any one have any recomendation for products to use or a process? I would guess I should clean it up by taking off any loose paint and put on a primer and top coat of paint? Not too bothered about colour matching given where it is. The plastic trim is a bit loose now in this area but not about to fall off - is there a risk it works its way off through vibration and time? Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Oil signs in air filter and near the turbo!

    Coming into this one a bit late, but I have the same thing - oil finding its way into the air filter and connection to the turbo, and even have thebreather pipe held on using cable ties like in your photo! Its been doing this since quite new and has not really got worse over the past few years (and >100,000 miles) but I clean it up at every service just to keep things tidy. DPF and EGR "sorted" so that is not an issue and I have not seen any real difference with this oilbefore or after these were done, just the knowledge that the engine life should be extended as a result.
  5. Tell me the mileage on your diesel, High or low!

    If looked after and preventative measures taken too deal with known issuesI think these engines are fine. At nearly 115k miles mine is running as well as it ever has and best mpg since new (64mpg over the last few tankfulls). Going to spend a week driving around Corsica starting tomorrow so touch wood I won't regret making this comment.
  6. Tell me the mileage on your diesel, High or low!

    That's an impressive enough mileage. Do you have list of engine and mechanical issues that have needed fixing in that time as a guide to what I need to look forward to? Mines on 114k miles and so far hasn't been too bad - just the usual service items plus DPF (86k), EGR (108k)delete as soon as they showed problems (kind ofpreventative measure), new battery (82k), reverse switch (101k),glow plugs (108k) and air con is out of action due to a radiator leak which I never got around to sorting out. The front drivers outside door handle is playing up as well so I should look to take that apart sometime.
  7. High mileage 1.6 tdci owners..

    What about mechanical parts - what bits startgoing before the engine is likely to needmajor work? I see questions about bushings, trailing arms, bearing, suspension, gearboxes etc so when does it become uneconomical to repair these with an engine which might or might not need work as well? The other thing is electrics which start playing up, but that could happen anytime, new or old. One thing I don't see too much of an issue any more is rust, unless the car has had a prang and the repair shop has done a poor job of it.
  8. High mileage 1.6 tdci owners..

    That gives me hope that there are a few miles left in mine - 2007 with 114k miles and running well atthe moment. DPF and EGR deleted and full set of glow plugs replaced lastyear plus normal servicing of oil, filters and tyres (oh, and timing belt). Still on original clutch, turbo etc so fingers crossed...I don't see why 200k shouldn't be expected really.
  9. Tow Bar advice.

    Installed one on my Mk2 without any cambus issues - just connected straightinto the rear light cluster wiring. There was a little buzzer which went in series with the indicator as well. I remember at the time that there was discussion on whether that would work or not, but the advice in the packet said to just wire it directly so that's what I did. Not sure if the Mk2.5 electrics are different though. Another thing, the instructions that came with the towbar (Witter brand I think) said I would have to cut out a notch from the base of the rear bumper, but when it came to it I didn't need to. I pays to check how things fit before cutting things which can't be uncut afterwards.
  10. suspension, cv joint, tracking...?

    Great thanks - that is reassuring to know.
  11. suspension, cv joint, tracking...?

    Just as an update, I found time to rotate my wheels between front and back this morning to check if this is a problem, with wheels/tyres or the more mechanical parts. I have only driven my usual commute to work since but it does feel a lot better - no vibration in the steering wheeland no more pulling to the right. I did notice that there were no balancing weights fixed to the rims so wonder if that is the problem so will take it back to the tyre fitter and ask. I also noticed that the front brake discs had some play on both sides when the wheel is off, just a slight looseness when I shake it with my hand. Is that normal or should I be concerned about it?
  12. The Recommended Thread!

    Another one: Tuning specialist, DPF removal, EGR removal, remapping, Terraclean etc Near Bristol (not sure what county that is) Avon Tuning contact details - look them up on Google I have been in to them a couple of times and Gareth and James always go the extra mile to do the job right and explain exactly what they are doing, presenting the options to help get the solution right. They have developed their own diagnostics andmapping tools and really know what they are doing.
  13. DPF removal - dont do it.

    Yep, we've all read the same thing and had endless discussions on here - but never heard of anyone who has been failed for this mod. I have been through at least 3 MOTs myself with DPF removed and never even been commented on. Many folk even claim that the smoke test readings have been better than with the DPF in place. Each to make their own mind really, based on the information available.
  14. suspension, cv joint, tracking...?

    Funny you should say that, I just changed a tyre on that corner which had deformed and was making a horrible rumbling noiseas a result of being deformed, like a wavy profile. Thats not it now though as there is no noise when I drive in a straight line or turning right, just when I turn sharpish left in a high speed bend. I think its something more mechanical.
  15. Hi, had a longish drive the other day and noticed that on a fast sweeping left hand bend, I would get a rough sounding rumble from the front right wheel. Same type of right hand bend and no noise at all. Since then I have noticed that the steering wheel vibrates at low speed and the car pulls slightly to the right at all speeds. In fact, the steering wheel needs to be held very slightly to the left of centre to keep a straight line. I don't remember hitting anything hard in the last few days. Thats about it for a description of the symptoms, so wondering what this could be due to, and how to look out for when checking before taking it into the garage? Reading the forum it sounds like it could be a multitude of things, so what is the process of elimination to find the problem - any ideas?