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  1. Here are the photos, don't know exactly which part of the plastic bit you need the dimension to so took a general photo and a close up of that end - hope they show up ok. The cable slides a bit inside the plastic end by about 10mm so that could make a difference as well. Let me know if you need a more exact number..
  2. Yep, I just had the same problem and followed a combination of several threads on this forum and Youtube videos, the best solution just depends on exactly what is wrong so there is not one solution to fit all. The search function on here works well enough to find topics using key works "bonnet lock" or "bonnet not working" etc
  3. What exact dimensions do you need? I took the whole lock barrel, cable and white plastic piece off a couple of weeks as part of getting the bonnet to open and haven't put it back so can go out and measure it up if you want.
  4. Thanks, I've seen those replacement plastic link bars on ebay before and might get one if my "temporary" arrangement doesn't work out. I ended up grinding down the end of a steel bar to fit the cross shape in the latch that I will keep in the boot for when it is needed (my screwdriver wasn't long enough to reach all the way in). In reality I only need to open the bonnet every month or two to check fluid levels and change the oil/filters once a year so not a big deal to spend an extra 30 seconds opening it - not like having a non-operational driver's door handle for 6 months and having to reach in from the back door every time I got into the car!
  5. The clips are broken on mine as well and I use a couple of cable ties to hold it on, wrapped around whatever I can like the rigid pipe and yellow plastic thing in the top picture above. Just have to put on new ones every time I do an air or oil filter change.
  6. Job done. I was just about to smash up the white plastic bits then decided to try and reach around the latch and undo the 10mm bolts holding it in. Not much room to work and no way the rachet socket would fit so it was a case of 1/8th turn at a time with the spanner held in my finger tips, fitting in the gap just below the bonnet. There is no way I could reach up from underneath, no room and my arm got stuck trying. Also, no one said anything about the plastic catch which holds the lock on and which needs to be helped off with a screwdriver once the bolts are out - I can post a picture if anyone is interested. Don't know what was wrong as the whole mechanism worked again when I reconnected everything together. I don't have any confidence that it will continue working though so have removed the lock, cable and plastic bits and will just keep a screwdriver in the car from now on to push straight into the cross shaped hole in the latch.
  7. No one?
  8. So I have managed to pull the grill off in one piece as per the video and now left with the key barrel hanging down from the white collet piece. Any advice on a Saturday evening before I go back out tomorrow to get to the latch mechanism? I think I will start by trying to pull the lock barrel and cable straight off, as there is some movement in the white plastic so it might just pull out. Failing that I will take a lump hammer to it, but just don't like the thought of smashing it all up! I haven't bought any replacement pieces yet so will so might just leave it with access for a long screwdriver to opne it again in future. Also, I'm guessing its quite easy to refit the grill with plastic push-in widgets to replace the screws I cut out? Cheers
  9. Same here, I think I've done the fuel filter twice in 125k miles, each time when the car tells me its needed. I waited 8 years to do the pollen filter, that came out dirty enough and to be fair its so easy to do (though a bit fiddly first time) you might as well do it if it hasn't been done for a while. Brake fluid change supposed to be every couple of years but again I haven't ever done it on mine. I always make sure the oil, filter and air filter are done more regularly than recommended. And just because the service book is stamped, don't assume everything has been done as per the manual.
  10. Good job. Where did you get the new longer bolt - is it a normal bolt or a "special" sump plug bolt?
  11. Fair enough - I have a trailer as well so the towbar comes in useful for both that and the bikes.
  12. Great video - I saw it on Youtube a few days ago after trying the long screwdriver trick and failing. Did you film this as you went, or have you done this before - very impressive if it was the first time doing this! Just a couple of question if you don't mind: I reckon the top screws have to be broken anyway because they are holding in the grill and slam plate into the frame, even if they both come out together so I'll do that to reduce the risk of having to pull the grill too hard and risk breaking it, what do you think? Secondly, one of the other posts above talks about pulling the lock barrel to separate it from the white plastic part - did you try this and it wouldn't come or did you go straight into smashing it off? Anyway, I'll be trying this trick at the weekend when I have enough time and daylight so thanks for showing how its done. I haven't got the replacement lock but will work out what is wrong before buying what is needed, or leave as is and set it up for not needing the key to open in future. Then I can get around to getting ready for the oil change which is soon due.
  13. Yeah, but you're not supposed to be sitting on the bike when driving over speed bumps...
  14. One bike laid out flat with the seats down is no problem, even easier if you take the wheel off. Why not use a bike carrier so you keep all the muck on the outside, especially if you are talking about a mountain bike that has just come off the muddy hills. I use the Maxxraxx which connects to the towbar and can be taken on and off as needed within a few minutes. I can carry up to 4 full sized mountain bikes on the back of the Focus, though the extra weight pulls the back suspension down a bit when fully loaded.
  15. Ah, OK I see now that the bolts are on the engine side - not sure how the access is on the 1.6 TDCi engine so will look into it. I have seen some Youtube videos showing how to take the grill off without breaking it so might try that first and see if the cable can work the lock mechanism.