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  1. New Battery

    Mine lasted 6 years but then died suddenly leaving me needing a jump start - literally it started ok, I drove out of the driveway but I had to go back in the house for something and when I came back out it wouldn't even try to turn over. Luckily I have jump leads and used the other car to start it until I got to the shop for a replacement. The replacement was a generic brand with 3 year guarantee which I have had over 4 years and still going strong (touch wood).
  2. Brake Pads Question

    I replaced my originals with Pagid bought from ECP and they are fine, since done 40k miles and counting.
  3. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    You're right, uphill on the motorway in 3rd gear with lorries right up your a**e can get embarrassing (and dangerous), and they don't know you can't go any faster! The other one was pulling away at roundabouts, you have to leave so much space you never get out and everyone behind gets impatient. Best to get it sorted out if you can.
  4. Focus Mk2.5 "rusty" seat mount

    I would say it depends on the climate where you live and if they use a lot of salt in winter which will get dragged in on your shoes. The metal seat frames in my cars always started rusting within a couple of years when I lived in Canada because snow would stick to shoes, mixed with salt from the road or sidewalks which would attack the metal as soon as it melted. Then again, it didn't take much longer for the rest of the car to became a rust bucket so no one noticed the seats as being any worse.
  5. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I've wondered before if it is best to take it gentle in the first few miles to let the engine warm up gradually, or let the revs stay higher to get the engine hot quicker (I'm not talking about red-lining it or anything, just working it a bit harder). I don't think the dash reading is accurate enough over a short trip so I would have to do it every day for a week or two to see what the difference is. I might try it if I remember.
  6. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Mine is at 33mph average speed, which I don't think I have ever reset. Maybe that is where the difference is because of different driving conditions?
  7. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    My glow plugs went a couple of years back, but without bringing up any codes so took a while to diagnose it. I drove in limp mode for 1000 miles as I needed to do the long trip and it was a bank holiday weekend so no chance of getting it into a garage to get it looked at, no damage done but had to adopt a very different driving style! You could try to reset the codes to see if it disables the limp mode but I guess it would just come back on. Don't know about changing them, I got that done at the garage at the same time as having the issue diagnosed and getting the EGR looked at. I'm told its about an hours work though.
  8. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    I think he means £350 if he takes it off and sends it for cleaning, £550(?) if he has to pay someone to unbolt it and put it back on the car when cleaned. I know a good place that can give you the option of removing completely or cleaning, but it is near Bristol, not London and I paid closer to the lower of the prices above, and very happy with the outcome. I agree that London traffic and diesels doesn't make sense any more, although the black cabs are still mostly diesel aren't they?
  9. Sudden Drop in MPG

    From memory the average speed sits in the 30s but will check when I go out later. It always feels low, but then it doesn't take a lot of start/stops to really drop down the average from the steady 60/70mph on the open road. the first and last half mile is probably only doing at 20mph in residential or industrial zone setting.
  10. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Forgot to say, the tyres are standard 16" fitted to stock Ford Ghia alloys so nothing special
  11. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Yeah, I got into the habit years ago, using a notebook and pencil at every fill but since moved hi tech with the spreadsheet! It is useful to see how it varies - when it has dropped suddenly this has either because I did a long trip with a trailer or was in a rush and drove a lot faster than I should have, but it also happened once when my DPF clogged, which pushed me to sort it out it as it wouldn't have been evident straight away what with no DPF light on the Mk 2 Focus. I normally drive with just myself in the car, but do sometimes have heavy loads in the boot or pulling a trailer but keep the tyres at about 40psi at all times anyway. I haven't noticed any issues with ride quality (maybe just feeling the bumps a bit more) and no premature or uneven wear, except once when one wheel was not correctly balanced. I use Michelin Primacy or Energy+ and they last a good 40k miles per set. I do 13 miles each way to work, and regular longer trips and don't really drive in slow town traffic, mainly good flowing A road which I think really helps the economy as well. I have a choice of two ways to get to work and take the one with less roundabouts as that is where all the jams are, and the start/stop also kills the economy.
  12. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Here's my spreadsheet for this year so far, definitely a drop over the winter months as you can pick up in the graph below, but not too bad overall. the average in the 9 years since I have had the car is 61mpg but the economy figures really improved a couple of years ago with a EGR/DPF sorted out and a remap, as well as it now pulling a lot better. I think that regular oil/filter and air filter changes, and keeping the tyre pressures on the high side (40psi) really help as well.
  13. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    Look at Q16 of the FAQS on the Terraclean website - you may need to ask for an extra service which will no doubt cost more. I have never had a Terraclean done myself, but have heard good things about it generally.
  14. Ford Focus MK2

    I had similar on mine and it went away once I got the dpf and egr sorted out ("out" being the operative word). I got the glow plugs replaced at the same time, but don't think it was to do with that. I assume you are based in France based on your user name - which part? I'm in the south near Marseille, but get most of the major car work done when back in the UK with garages I have grown to trust.
  15. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    It surprises me that Europacar use Halfords for their servicing rather that main dealer or their own in-house mechanics, given the volume of cars they must have, and not sure it would fill me with confidence that it was done at Halfords.