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  1. Focus mk2 1600 tdci rocker cover breather mod ?

    Glad to see that I am not the only one who has snapped off the lugs holding this pipe on, and had resorted to cable ties!   I have a lot of oil in this area as well, some finds its way to the air box (not sure how as its fighting against the air flow), and some into the turbo intake but I'm told its not necessarily a bad thing as long as its not too much.
  2. focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Same here, DPF, EGR are gone and regular oil changes are key.  Not done anything to the oil feed or turbo, and no sign of leaking injectors so far with 113k miles and running as it should, touch wood.  Thinking of getting a Terraclean sometime soon as I've heard good things about this.  I would admit though that if I had heard all the negative feedback about this engine when I was in the market for this car then i would have got something else, probably the 2.0 TDCi which I believe is also a PSA engine.
  3. 1.6 tdci DPF delete.... Decisions.... Please help

    Same here with dpf and egr deleted plus remap and can't praise it highly enough - better drive and better mpgs.  Can't remember the hp or torque values but it was in the same ballpark I think.  Wasn't as expensive as £550, more like £300 I think, but that was a couple of years ago from a good reputable specialist near Bristol.    
  4. Not the normal mpg question

    My remap a couple of years ago did help improve both fuel efficiency and performance, sorting out dpf and egr didn't hurt either so overall I am now getting about the same mpgs of 60-62 on average but with more grunt.  Wilto - we are talking about 1.6 diesel engine so can't compare with petrol which will never get anything as good no matter how hard you try.
  5. Not the normal mpg question

    Thats why I always do the brim-to-brim check myself when filling up because I can't trust the dash computer readings - it used to be ok but as I said above recently they have been so far out as to be meaningless.  Does the Torque pro app allow real time readings of fuel use to be read to check against the dashboard values?
  6. Not the normal mpg question

    Until recently my mpg readings on the dashboard were quite close to the real readings from brim-to-brim measurements.  For the past few months though, the readings are much lower (up to 10mpg) than the real measurements which have stayed more or less constant.   The only thing I can think about is that I had the egr blanked and deleted in the summer and now the colder weather has kicked in this is reflected by the engine taking longer to warm up without exhaust recirculation and affects whatever the computer uses to calculate the fuel use.  Another thing is that whatever average reading I have when I stop the engine, the next time I start up it has dropped a lot and picks up slowly as the car warms up.   Its not really a big problem because the car runs well and the real mpg is as I would expect - its just the dash reading which is wrong.  I use this as an early warning if something is up eg. it dropped like a stone when the dpf packed up which caused me to investigate.  Just wondering what the cause is here and if anyone else has seen this.
  7. Any problems with engine codes or the computer side of things I would go straight to Avon Tuning near Bristol (not too far from you) - they have all the diagnostics equipment and know how to sort it out, plus really good customer service with it. As a plus point they also sort out all issues with DPF, EGR and now offer Terraclean. BTW I am not associated with them but just a repeat customer.
  8. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    Noise when new wasn't the problem, it was noise when becoming deformed that was driving me up the wall. Not sure I believe the dB values being quoted as it must be a function of the car, balancing, pressure, road surface etc.
  9. £170 for changing a fuel filter!!! Its true the focus 1.6 TDCi filters are expensive but a reasonable independent garage should do this for £50 incl parts, often not charging for the diagnostics. I had this problem last summer with engine light and limp mode, so first tried the fuel filter (£50) then the glow plugs (£95) which fixed it. Had the EGR blanked and electronically deleted for good measure and to save future problems..
  10. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    Not sure this was real saw-toothing at all. I changed the tyres over front to back and took a close look at the one making a noise - it was more wavy and bulging than saw tooth profile, like a 50p piece compared with a circle. Anyway it was clear that this one tyre was making all the noise so got it changed with a part worn one and all is good again. Definitely not a wheel bearing which is a relief.
  11. Winter Ford Magic!!!!!

    Couldn't agree more about how good the front windscreen heating is. There are many much more expensive and so called executive cars which don't have this feature. Had an Audi A5 which took longer to clear the screen than the length of the journey in winter, got so fed up with it and you have to put up with the blower fan noise when its set to max! This is certainly something I will be insisting on my next car.
  12. The first problem you mentioned which is in the title of the thread sounds like what I had with the same car (but hatchback). It would happen occasionally, sometimes you could just about feel it, but other times it was more obvious. Once the car died completely as I was pulling out onto a busy roundabout, but restarted ok with a turn of the key. The problem has since disappeared but only after a combination of new fuel filter (probably worth doing anyway as it often gets missed in normal servicing), removal of DPF which had run out of additive and was clogged at that stage and blanking the EGR valve which is a good thing to do anyway. All this happened at about 85,000 miles but that was 3 years ago. Out of interest if you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the car back in October?
  13. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    Thanks for this vendee - I hadn't read up on the subject and didn't know it is a recognised issue. I'm on my third set of Michelins with this car (either Primacy or Energy+) and this is the first time it has happened. Because of the wheel camber on the back it is happening on the inside edge and the article makes a link between tyre over-pressure and this happening which is the case for me. I will swap over the wheels between front and back as suggested in the article to see if that helps at all.
  14. Rear Wheel Bearing<50,000 Miles?

    I was convinced I had a rear bearing on the way out and took it in for a quote for replacement. Turns out its a deformed tyre which is causing the noise - you can feel if you lift he car off the ground and spin the wheel with your hand lightly resting on it. Michelins with only 25k miles, not worn but it has developed a wavy profile on its inside edge. The mechanic said it is not common but he has seen it before and said to just continue running until the tyre needs changing. I might change it earlier though as the noise is driving me nuts.
  15. Whats It Worth?

    I was offered £3k on a 2007 1.6TDCi Ghia for px at Ford, £2.5k on we buy any car, and that was about a year or 18 months ago. Higher mileage than yours though. I would have got more for a private sale but decided to keep it running as its worth a lot more to me than that, especially as I have sorted out the DPF, EGR and timing belt so should be in for some cheaper motoring for a while (fingers crossed).