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  1. pm sent with chassis number mick
  2. so if the antenna mount that fits on car roof only has one connection... then what is stopping someone simply making a Y splitter at the back of stereo..? mine has 2 fakra connectors not one..!! if the replacement cables that come to the unit are connected into one on the antenna base then there is no harm doing this..! all is needed is the base to take the new antenna rod as the new rods are a male thread not a female one..then make a very simple Y splitter with 2 fakra cables in my case that connect into one lead..
  3. hi mick i will do however i still dont know what the reading of the sensor in ohm's should be at full temp... it would be handi if someone could tell me...
  4. probably a long probe with a wire coming out the end..!!
  5. can i ask do the antenna connections from the antenna base to the dab radio have separate connections on the antenna base then direct to the back of the dab head unit..? or do they connect together at the antenna base.. terminate into one connection do the antenna leads just simply then plug into the rear of the dab radio or go elsewhere i am looking at ordering the parts to retrofit the sony 1 disk dab radio antenna as i already have the sony unit just not the correct antenna i have the original 88-108 antenna fitted any further help please guys
  6. cheers mick..
  7. Fan does not come on at all... mick I don't know where the sensor is on the mondeo... I think im just going to change the Thing and I might put a new thermthermostat in for good measure I remember my other car did a similar thing that was a vw passat... I think tho on the 2.0 duratorq its a complete thermostat and housing that has to be changed..? But as I nentioned I don't know where the cts is and what the actual readings will be. .. Im sure there is more than one chap can help in this matter. ... I value your help though mick Cheers P.s. some beer tokens in it for you if i can get this sorted. ..
  8. /and does the elm ff2 program not work with a 500000 baud elm lead..?
  9. Yep I have mick... I just had car on forscan and temp readings are 71 degrees min and 75 degrees max up and down... never gets any higher than 75 deg But dont know what readings should be in forscan on the duratorq engine..
  10. is there a english edited version of elm config for the mondeo mk4 etc...??? i cannot find it any where thank's
  11. any further info on this mike... cheers
  12. Yes thats exactly what I thought... where is the cts on the 2.0 mondeo. ..? The temp gauge never gets above 80 most of time sits at 73 ish.. And how do I test it...?
  13. yes belt was done at 127k on history print out what i am seeing on temp gauge is max running temp varies between 72 ish and max 80 degrees on temp gauge... actual ecu reading has not been seen yet but i dont know what it should be any way..? i rang ford service and they didnt really help much they just said the temp gauge is only an indication not an actual water temp...!
  14. its a shame as the car seems ok i just had one other niggle that i dont tink the temp gauge is accurate i need to find out what the full running temp is showing on a diagnostic on someone else's 2.0 mk4 mondeo.. then i can check mine to see if its right running temperature being sent to ecu
  15. cheers mick just waiting for the elm...