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  1. No going back to garage again today with same problem
  2. Went out in car last night drove for 3 miles till I got on m1 motorway to go to Leeds when I reached 50mph I got a vibrating coming through steering wheel when I drove a bit further and increased my speed vibrating disappeared can any body out ther shead any light on this I had front wheels balanced just the other wek
  3. I'm thinking of buying a 1 year old Mondeo I'm fancying a automatic any body got any advise I've got just changed clutch in my 59 reg Mondeo which had done 212000 miles before duel mass went..."does auto box have a clutch if so is it as expensive to change. Mine just cost me £800 which I didn't think was bad any advise please
  4. . It's the big multi plug which goes at the back of the headlight unit
  5. 59 reg mark 4 mondeo broken lugs on head light can you just buy the connector ...what is best way to repair
  6. Does any one know where I can get a ford mondeo headlight plug connector I have damaged mine when trying to change a bulb buggers to get of
  7. I drive a 59 reg 2l diesel estate is it a cam belt or is it a chain please help ?
  8. I drive a 59 reg mondeo 2l diesel estate can any body tell me is it a cam belt or is it a chain
  9. I have a 59 reg ford mondeo diesel 2.0 l estate with 102000 miles on clock when should the cam belt be changed presuming it has a belt or is it a chain